Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Sometimes I am tempted to start sub-blogs... Because the neurotic writer in me hates hopping all over the place with disjointed topics. I heart a blog that is complete and unified, like a good book but online and with awesome graphics.

IF I were to do so, I'd have four blogs... This one for my family and my growing into this role as a young mama, one for my love of fitness/working out, one for my love of good eats, and one for FASHIONNNNN. Especially the latter cause it feels TOO random doing a fashion post right after one abt my little boys being friends. Oh well. Holla Tory Burch and your four gorgeous little dudes?

In defense of consistency, I reference this post

Anyway, I tuned in to the Globes Sunday night mostly as a refresher post-football-failure (poor panthies), and also cause I told my boss at Scoop that I'd hop in on the #cltstylepanel conversation. Twitter is so fun mixed with TV. It's the perfect combination, like coffee and a pastry (ala Holly Golightly).

Soooo here were my faves:

Monica Potter cleans up good. Damn.

That's always more fun anyways than when a bombshell arrives as a... Bombshell. (Looking at you, Vergara!) Nothing as fun as an Anne Hathaway-level makeover ;).

This girl was on Parks and Rec I think? Not sure. But her dress and hair are lovely.

... Because I have a major girl crush on Leslie and because that dress is really so cool. She looks really comfortable in it, too!

Julianna Margulies - this look was actually one of my absolute favorites - it is really unique with the cap sleeves and gilded sea-corally pattern amid a sea of vampy strapless - but also because it was so perfectly frosted with these earrings: 

Of course Cate Blanchett nailed everything...

But I think my top choice was Kate Beckinsale... I really couldn't take my eyes off her look! So glamorous and yet not boring or too prom-dressy (at least not to me! Fans of Julia Roberts' look and Diane Keaton's - who I still am not convinced actually showed, because that entity could easily have been a marionette - may disagree with my novice opinion!)

Love the texture of that gown!

Okay that wraps up my random (for the blog) foray into fashion! As you can clearly see, I didn't base my likes on what's particularly "in" right now, just on what I loved on the individual star. And I guess what I wouldn've worn myself - a lot of classic blacks and metallics. Ha! Guess that goes to show how not a fashion writer I am! I won't even try to tackle the Worsts cause so many do it so much better than I could! Check out Man Repeller's hilarious post (except I disagree w MR abt J-Law. That girl is always cool and basically can do no wrong). 

What were your favorite looks from the night? Or least favs!

PS: if you're ever double-fistin' twitter and tv, find me! [@beingopen] I try to make a point to watch The Bach, Modern Fam, New Girl, SNL, and Jimmy Fallon (though I usually watch a lot on Hulu days later bc I go to bed so early)! ;) I also have a thing for Girls and Mad Men, though I generally imbibe those seasons whole after they've aired.

*all images from imdb.com


Erika said...

I have a post on the Globes scheduled for tomorrow :) I just love seeing all the dresses! Great picks! I totally love the two black/gold dresses and that pretty, pretty silver dress.

Lisa said...

I didn't watch, so I love reading posts about all the gowns. :) Julianna's look is my favorite so far!

Kallah Oakes said...

thanks Lisa! :) I lovvvve reading these posts too haha! Check out Erika's, she just pubbed a really good one!

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