I am laying on the floor, my books in a heap beside me, trying vainly to write my Senior Thesis.

It shouldn't be that intimidating, really... its only 20-30 pages long, and I truly like my topic. However, it really is a little scary! It marks my growth in the past four years - the development of my mind as a Political Science major at a Liberal Arts college. Four years of reading Aristotle, Locke, Hobbes, Machiavelli, Plato, Nietsche and the Founding Fathers. Four years of discussions in classrooms, chats with professors, jokes with students. Four years of procrastinating and b.s.ing!

It was difficult enough to choose my topic... I chose Frederick Douglass for several reasons. He is brilliant. He has a powerful view of America - a mixture of hope and realism that is (with respect) quite the opposite of our current president. Mostly, I was attracted to this thinker because he was an American who had to choose to be an American... a choice many of us never make and never and consider making. To love one's country, to be a truly good citizen, I believe one must make this choice. Douglass did, despite all of his suffering and all of the chaos of his contemporary society. This encourages me.