Thursdays are always pretty busy for me... I signed up for classes only on Tues-Thurs, so my first class starts at 9:30, and my last class ends at 8:00pm. Its not as bad as it sounds though - I enjoy my classes, and I'm the kind of person who is happiest when I am busiest.

However... this blog is not going to be about the "kind of person" I am. I never liked the self-centeredness of many blogs. Seriously - the people reading your blog have no idea who you are, so why would they care to know what you are like, save for amusement? The only blogs I think anyone enjoys (other than their own) are those that have a point - something interesting to say, some relevant life experiences to share.

While I am admittedly very young and do not feel that I have had any relevant life experiences yet, I have a reason for starting this blog. I felt that I needed to start one ever since my Aunt Caroline died last September. You see, my Aunt Caroline was a writer; she wrote hilarious, thought-provoking articles for several magazines and newspapers - and she was working on her own great American novel when she found out she had cancer a year ago.

My Aunt had lived life to the fullest, but that didn't make it any easier to say goodbye to her; she was in her early 40's and had 6 children. She was always more than just an "aunt" to me - she was a friend and a guide, and I had always wanted to be just like her. We shared a similar love of books and used to write long, laughy letters to each other. So, driving home from her funeral in Ohio, I felt a huge desire to carry on the gauntlet for her... to live my life to the fullest and share my experiences with others through writing.

I am not half as talented a writer as my beautiful Aunt Caroline. I may get a few months into this blog and decide I just am not cut out for a writing career at all. But I think I have to give it a shot.

This blog is not about me. Its about life... its ups and downs; its hurts and joys. I believe that life is a gift - it holds so much that is true, good and beautiful to be discovered. As an almost-college-graduate, the world is very new to me. I am going to be newly-married in a few short months, getting my first "real" professional job, moving into my first home, and finding out alot about life in general. Life from my 21 year old perspective is a sunrise on a wide horizon.

My only complaint is: why does it have to be Thursday?