The Following Was Written While Listening to Jon Foreman's "Fall" Album

Oh gosh - this is torture! I woke up so cold, with a false sense of euphoric delight. The air conditioner was set to 67, and it was so cold compared to the miserable outside world, that the windows on this cloudy, humid day all clogged up!... contributing even further to the illusion of winter in my apartment.
I have some wonderful plans for this autumn... I made Jason take a solemn oath to go on AT LEAST 2 camping trips in the mountains with me! - before it gets too cold to sleep! Two years ago on the first weekend of October, Jason came camping with my family up to our favorite spot, the top of Mt. Pisgah. He had been camping with us before, so that wasn't weird - what was weird is that he had just left seminary, and I couldn't control my imagination! I kept wondering if he was making eye contact with me on purpose, and when we went to Mass Saturday evening we accidentally sat next to each other, and occasionally our arms would brush and he DIDN'T move over!! So that tortured me too! Oh it was awful - I took turns for about twenty-four hours wildly hoping for things I had never even allowed myself to consider before, and then punishing myself with self-deprecating thoughts because I was so embarrassed of my ridiculous behavior.
Meantime, if you can believe it, I was utterly clueless that Jason was TRYING to send me silent messages, trying to make me look at him a certain way, trying most of all to get up the courage to make a move that might fail miserably and mess up our sweet friendship that we had shared for 6 years. I thought it was all in my head, until he took me for a walk under the stars [which are so much brighter and overwhelmingly beautiful when seen from the mountaintop on a cold, snappy winter night] and explained everything quite clearly to me.
Oh! I love being in love!
However romantic that weekend was, it was entirely too cold to sleep at night! Which I wouldn't have anyway after Jason asked me to be his girlfriend! I laid awake shivering all night in the coldest, happiest state of my life till then. [He however slept what he called "the sleep of victory"].
Anyhow, I hope you can understand now why I get so very excited for Fall - even beyond the normal anticipation of Pumpkin Spice Latte's and boots and chunky sweaters!
This fall is going to be the best ever - I can just feel it in my bones! I have to buy a whole new wardrobe for a special, dear reason that is too intimate for me to talk about right now; I am also signing up my name to be a Substitute teacher in the Fort Mill School district, which I really hope works out; I will be making our apartment into more of a home and experiencing my first winter with my husband. We recently starting getting up very early (it may sound like nothing, but it is a gigantic labor of love for me!) to sip coffee and pray together before he goes off to work at 8. I just can't wait to do this when its so delightfully cold outside I have to bundle up in a blanket!
I'm excited to listen to Jon Foreman nonstop - and to watch Baz Luhrman's "Romeo and Juliet" (which for some reason I can only watch in the Autumn); and read lots of good books... perhaps swear off all TV for the Autumn. TV is so unromantic.
Ah I still Thank You notes to work on from my MAY WEDDING! Everyone tells me I have 6 months, but I have put it off far too long.
Til next time!

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