Sweet September :)

Jason and I went out to Pickens to babysit my youngest siblings this past Labor Day weekend, so that my Mom and Dad could go to a family wedding in Williamsburg VA. It was so much fun because the kids were beyond excited to have us in charge... we didn't do anything special really, but somehow we managed to make a lot of beautiful memories.

Jason played Lego's with 9 year old Joey on the living room floor; I watched Kenneth Branagh's "Much Ado About Nothing" with my 14 and 12 year old sisters, who had never seen it before and loved it; I drove the little girls out with me after Sunday Mass to bring flowers and a card to a close friend of mine who is recovering from a painful surgery; we made homemade pizza Sunday evening (so delicious! - the only kind of pizza I really like) and we ate it out on the front deck in the cool dusk; Joey sang several songs loudly AT my belly (for the invisible baby's benefit); I helped the girls write their research papers on Copernicus, which was scarey for them because the papers had to be a whopping 500 PAGES (!!) :); I went for a few long walks in our tree-filled, quiet neighborhood, and actually witnessed a few leaves falling!; we loved on the dogs, Chester and Reilly - the most adorable yellow labs ever, slobber monsters as they are; we slept each night with the windows open and had to cuddle up under blankets because it got so cold [at least 50 degrees]; I was able to meet up with one of my dearest friends and go for a walk together while Jason went to the library - we have this little trail that we found that is quiet and perfect for long talks, in the sad absence of any decent coffeeshop in Easley; Jason and I enjoyed several golden, cool afternoons of quiet naps and reading; Monday morning I woke up and realized that we were missing a few key ingredients for a proper breakfast, so sweet Cecilia went out in the chilly mountain morning with me, which ended up being a fun little adventure instead of an inconvenience; Mom and Dad came home late in the afternoon on Monday, and we stayed to have a delicious dinner that Dad whipped up on the grill.

It was kind of hard for me leaving late Monday night to drive back up 85 to Charlotte... happy as I am with Jason, my wonderful handsome husband, my heart is still in the little mountains of South Carolina. I hate being surrounded by concrete, brown grass, and measly little trees - hearing trucks and planes all day in place of the chirping and croaking and rustling I used to be surrounded with at my old home. Even the country surrounding Charlotte is missing so much of that beautiful mountain flavor to me... there is a certain sweetness in the air, and the trees seem so much more big and abundant, and there is always a cool little breath of wind no matter how warm the day is in the Upstate of SC.

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