Driving Scarves and Beach Books

Terrible as I am at blogging (my New Year’s resolution of writing one post per week obviously having flown out the window) I only have a few minutes to spend on this little post.

Something just caught my fancy and I have to share!

One of my favorite things to look at online is called “Jenna’s Picks” for J.Crew… simply a collage of sorts made by one of the designers of her favorite things for each month; it always has such a splash of style and color, perfectly suited to the season. I love it.

This month, amidst the pastel ballet flats, straw hats, and pale pink hues, “Jenna” included something lovely with an even lovelier name – a “Silk Driving Scarf”.

Simply fetching.

Why do I love it so much? I suppose I have always been completely delighted by those things that straightforwardly lay out their specific purpose for you in their name – like rainboots, sundresses, etc. I just love the name “driving scarf” … it immediately evokes the image of Grace Kelly steering her convertible beside the Mediterranean Sea in “To Catch a Thief”. I am quite certain that Grace Kelly always wore a driving scarf when she drove.

I am rather ashamed to admit what I am about to do with my time… I’m going to dive into the pile of “Beach Books” that I just ransacked the library for. “Beach Books”, you know, are so-called not only for the locations of their romantic, clichéd stories, but also for their purpose – again, straightforwardly given in the name – to accompany a lazy afternoon laying out in the sun.

I very much wish they weren’t so soap-opera-y; I really could care less for many of the characters much less their hilariously dramatic lives. But it isn’t my fault that they encompass pretty much all the good “by the sea” literature that I can find, written by Southerners who love their quiet coasts and little islands, yet also love them some hair-salon style gossip. Maybe someday I will write novels that are sleepy and sun-tanned; stories you can read and almost smell the salt-water – without getting a good greasy, cheesy dose of Girls Raised In The South (for all you Yankees, that’s the acronym for our favorite food here in the Carolinas, a delicacy served with Shrimp).

Well, that's all I have time for. Wish me luck in the next month... my baby boy is due in 25 days!

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