Schedules and Budgets

Motherhood... such a bigger and more beautiful challenge than I had ever dreamed it to be.

William, my sweet little baby boy, is as dramatic and decided as his firm little chin would indicate. He is sweet and cuddly, and very insistent in his right to be the absolute center of attention.

My beautiful baby is sleeping soundly in his pack n' play, so I am returning triumphantly to my old blog! Re-reading some of my posts from way back before William Thomas came into the world, I feel like it was almost in another life!

Currently: I am very busy trying to organize my new life.

As a mother who is wholeheartedly committed to breastfeeding, this is a huge challenge! Breastfed babies are notorious for wanting limitless one-on-one cuddling and cooing time - and Little Will is no exception :). Some nights he sleeps soundly (as do I) and others he wakes up crying every 2 hours (as do I). Consequently, some days I fly around with enough energy to accomplish many of my weekly goals and all of my daily ones... other days, its all I can do to feed my family and keep the house remotely in one piece.

However, Jason and I decided we both have a spiritual need to get our lives on some sort of schedule. When you have a schedule in place, even if you are not always able to follow it, you are ALWAYS more productive!

One perfect example is the budget. This week, on payday, my darling husband and I are going to write out a very detailed budget. We took a Dave Ramsey class this past spring, and we are step by step getting off the credit card completely and onto a cash-based system for as much of our expenses as possible! The months that we are "too busy" to sit down and write out a budget are always months that we burn through, feeling discouraged and foolish at the end.

In the same way, we need a "budget" for our time... a plan for each hour, a goal for each day. One of my favorite speakers, Matthew Kelly, so passionately reminds us that we are often "too busy" to do all of the most important things in life... too busy to spend quiet time in prayer, too busy to exercise our bodies, too busy to have long conversations with our spouse or our friends, too busy to find a way to eat healthy, too busy to make our lives more beautiful... it ends up that we become too busy to "live". We just go through the motions, and always regret that we didn't do more.

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