A Mortgage in the Making and National Public Radio

Good news... we got pre-qualified for a very decent mortgage!!!

It seemed so impossible - but all of a sudden, with a little tweaking to our budget, it just may happen much sooner than we would've thought! I'm trying not to get too excited about everything... watching my best friend's process house hunting, I know it can take a lonnnngg time. But I am still kind of freaking out!

I've been channeling all my excitement into energy to clean and organize our little apartment. What is it about vacuuming and dusting that makes such a dramatic difference? The very air smells clean!

Will about to be plopped in the tub to get all squeaky clean himself:

I love racing to clean everything to perfection just before my husband walks in the door. I turn up NPR, light a few scented candles, turn off the air and open the windows if its possibly cool enough... and fly around dusting and polishing.

Jason loves this... although, he is always getting mad at me when he comes home and the windows are open. Its hard for me to explain why I do this... I can be quite uncomfortable with the warmth and humidity; and still, I just feel so calmed and comforted hearing the small noises of nature from the patch of woods at the back of our apartment building that our windows open out to.

I guess I just love the idea of the evening breeze blowing through, moving the curtains around... that I make believe its actually cool enough to do so.

Picture of my bathroom counter with candles:

(candles make everything cozier).

And NPR - an evening isn't complete without some soothing classical music and "Marketplace" in the background. I get as annoyed as any other conservative with the snotty bias of their reporters and I always thought it a crying shame that a government funded organization could lean so far to the left without apology - but what other public outlet do we have in this culture for refinement and intellectualism? I'll personally take the good with the bad.

Did Congress already cut all NPR's funding or is it still talk? This sheltered homemaker needs some updates!

I wish there was a way the government could enforce more balanced programs, instead of just taking away all tax support. I am afraid of the day there is no "Fresh Air" or "From the Top" performances. Not to mention "Prairie Home Companion". Doesn't our society need NPR?!

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