The September Issue and Old School Prep

I am curled up on the couch right now, immersed in the delightful, glamorous world that is the September Issue of VOGUE.

In my opinion, VOGUE outranks every other fashion magazine by far because it doesn't tell you what brand names to wear or how to "Lose 10 lbs in One Week!". It doesn't tell you much at all. It just gives you a glimpse into another world - a world rich with art and culture, a world built on the shoulders of giants like Coco Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld. VOGUE turns your eye to the essence of fashion and lets you do the rest of the thinking.

It always inspires me to find ways to add more beauty and creativity to my life.

I saw VOGUE in an entirely new light when I watched the documentary "The September Issue" - a behind the scenes look at all the people who are VOGUE.

People like Grace Coddington (she is the cutest with her crazy frizzy red hair, her delicious accent, her total unpretention and delight with the aesthetic). To listen to her interviews, you would never know she had been one of the original great models. Her idea of "beauty" has absolutely nothing to do with "perfection" or "replication". I wish I could have tea with her. I am convinced she would love me.

In this particular September issue - I'm obsessed with the new Hilfiger "Family" adds... they're like the definition of Old School, "Caddyshack" 70's prep.

I love how much detail each ad has - I love how each character is wearing layers upon layers of crazy/preppy/mismatched clothing.

I also love how autumn-y it all is!

Those who know me well know how strong I have been in resisting my urges for Autumn. Last year - I gave in to them WAY too soon! It was dreadful. I started wishing for Fall by July. What of course ended up happening was that I was already over it by the end of October. I was so upset with myself!

I am trying very hard to just enjoy the present moment - allowing myself only occasional thrills of anticipation for my favorite season that is just around the corner!

I will say however... this past weekend Charlotte got a good bit of blustery winds courtesy of Irene... and I was in heaven!!! Jason and I walked and walked. It was so perfect!

It made me start thinking about my fall wardrobe... or lack thereof. I never was a small girl until I had a baby - and then its like whatever extra "softness" I'd been carrying around since puberty was sucked away by breastfeeding. I don't know how it happened. I eat five times a day - at least - and I eat whatever I feel like eating. Don't get me wrong, I am NOT complaining - but I can't afford to replace all my clothes and most of them are just too big for me! Thankfully its okay with sweaters... its the turtlenecks and dresses I have to be really creative with. Besides size updating - unfortunately, my clothing is all too safe to be very stylish in this season that all the fashion moguls say is the time to think super bold and bright. (Marigold, Cerise/Flame, bright Cobalt Blue, a shade of orange that J.Crew charitably calls "athletic")... I am surprised at how attracted I am to the J.Crew versions however - like the following:

I think I can do that "pop" of color here in there with my usual charcoals, browns and denims that make up my winter palette - but some of these new colors are just too trendy for me!

This is more my taste:

I NEED my good old soft neutral warm fall colors! I am more of a Brick Red person - I love good old "Forest" Green, and Navy is always my top choice as opposed to these newfangled Babyish Blues.

Alright - enough luxuriating in fashion for the morning. I'm off to scrub my kitchen and finish folding towels.

P.S.: Keep the comments coming! I love hearing each one of your thoughts and fellow-inspirations! Tell me also what you think of this season's fashion predictions... will you be brave enough to wear the bold "popping" colors that VOGUE is forecasting?

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