Running Again

I am running again!!! I could not be more excited about this; I am starting a training plan that will supposedly get me in shape to run a 10k in 10 weeks without injury. I would love to be able to race a 10k by Spring!
What's different about running as a mom? Lots - if the weather is warm, I push Will in his Bob; but if, as has lately been the case, it's too cold for a fast stroller ride, I wait til Jason comes home in the evening and I run at night while he bathes Will.

Some things have really changed - running was always a stress reliever, but now the second I hit the pavement I just feel like I'm flying. I feel so light and free and yes, giddy to be running.
I love, love love being a mama; but since I picked up running again, I realized I do desperately crave that time alone - time to just be me, Kallah, running. It is freeing.
The ugliest shoes you will ever see. And the most life-changing!!
Another thing that has changed very significantly is my gear... Jason and I read "Born to Run" and we're totally convinced by Christopher Macdougall's argument against those motion-control, highly stabilizing and arch supporting name brand shoes; so we both invested in Vibrams! They truly are unbelievable... One run and you will be converted. I already am running faster, smoother, and lighter than I used to - I no longer struggle with feeling like I can't help pounding.

It means I have to train extra slow... think of it like weight-training/muscle-building your feet and ligaments... but I am a mama returning to running after a two year absence - so I am okay with that!

I'm supposed to go to a track to be more exact with my training distances - so I'm planning on checking out a local high school after 5 today to see if they leave their track open in the evenings. Wish me luck!

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