Food That Has Changed My Life

I am a foodie. I grew up in a family too snobby to buy garlic in a jar or sliced bread. We made everything using fresh, tasty ingredients; my Mom even grinds her own wheat into wholesome, delicious flour! My Grampy used to famously put down his fork at the end of a Stansberry dinner and say, "Ahhh we eat like kings!"
I am branching out from my food-loving family in my pursuit to cook not only the most delicious meals for my little family, but also the most nutritious. I want to share a few of my best-loved experiments with you all - they are wholesome, easy, and so so tasty!

The following snapshots are of particular healthy and delicious foods that have added a lot to my weekly menu plan...
I make up lots of recipes myself - or well, I tweak them. Like these nachos - I simply browned ground turkey on the stove, added a packet of low-sod taco seasoning, spread the meat evenly over a pan of Organic Blue Corn chips, topped it w Colbyjack cheese, and broiled it in the oven until the cheese melted. I diced up a large tomato, cilantro and a few green onions, and arranged it on top of the nachos w fresh organic spinach (I find mine super cheap at Costco). Whip up some fresh guacamole as a sour cream replacement and you have the most refreshing, healthiest Mexican meal ever!
The thing about eating organic on a budget is learning to think of meals with more simplicity. It turns out - for my family any how - that this approach actually makes you appreciate the simplest of tastes - I have learned to prefer oven-roasted potatoes in fresh rosemary, sea salt, and olive oil to the over-processed frozen French fries I used to buy for sides. I can't even remember why I ever used to enjoy eating the stuff!

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