Smoothies and Chirping Birds

Gosh - today was such a good day!

It all started at 5 o'clock am. I stumbled upstairs to nurse my baby (as usual); he smiled sleepily up at me and let me lay him back down in the crib when he was done, just to sleep in a little longer.

As I curled back under the covers with tired, shivering relief, I was suddenly overjoyed by the simplest, softest of noises outside my window. Birds, chirping.

My whole body could feel the excitement, the yearning for it to truly be Spring. For fresh-cut grass, for long sunny evenings working in the yard, for walks in the warm morning, for flip flops and air-dried hair and thin white shirts.

I fell asleep knowing in my head it was not spring; but I have loved every bright, shining moment of this warm, April-like Saturday.

I love those days that you wake up and feel the power to decide everything you want to do - to eat - to feel :). Two hours later, I laid in bed, stretching, as Jason went upstairs to get our loud, boisterous Will... Do I really feel like pancakes today? I thought. Or...

What is it about smoothies - they always seem like such work to make, but they are always worth the trouble when you get to sip down the light, filling deliciousness.

My strawberry-banana-yogurt smoothie gave me the perfect amount of energy for the long walk Jason and I decided to take in the clear, sunny, faux-spring morning - ending with my 2 mile training run. It was definitely the Greek yogurt - that gave me all that energy, I mean. The tart, lowfat food has so much protein in it... and I tried the plain kind this week, sweetening it myself w organic agave nectar (yes, as in what they make tequila with).

It was delicious!

I just loved today - ending with a wonderful cookout dinner at our perfect little house with my dearest friend in Charlotte, Camille, and her cute little family.

We had champagne and orange juice, the perfect refreshing drink for a perfectly refreshing day.

Will turned in early.

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