Blossoming Honeysuckle and a Very Red Car

Routine. It is handed to you on a silver platter when you're in school. It can be confining at seasons, but freeing at others. It's something elusive, conspicuously missing, hard to grasp, as a new mother.
Today has been the second day of a new routine for Will and I.

I finally had to sit down with a pen and notebook and decide ahead of time what the day should look like.

It turned out something like this:

First, there is snuggling in the morning with Dad - the three of us curled up happily together, until Mr Baby decides its time to get a move on (literally, he resorts to manually opening our eyelids with his scratchy little fingers if need be).

Then, there is coffee and I make these new organic protein shakes that I invented - (coconut milk, bananas, flax seed and almond butter are the main ingredients) while Jason showers.

Will and I dress after Jason leaves. Then we go to Mass at St Vincent's. (I am hoping fervently that if I take Mr Baby to daily Mass at least twice a week, he will learn how to behave better at all Masses).

On our way home, we stop by the Greenway and go for a long run together. (I have found that when running more than 6 miles, it is extremely difficult to run anywhere but the greenway or some such long trail).

We come home, eat lunch together, and then Will naps while I blog/fold laundry/sweep and mop.

Then - this is the exciting part - we take Will's car to the park that belongs to our neighborhood!

Today was the third day of our new routine - and it's a keeper. I felt so refreshed and energetic all day thanks to Mass and my run, and Will and I really enjoyed each other at the park.

He is such an explorer now. I loved watching him.
Coming home. (Something about our little home gives me a deep sense of peace - from the first moment I saw it!)
Routines are so important. You forget how much until you start one up again. It brings productivity, energy, and that secret of all the saints... the ability to focus on the present moment.

Routines bring joy and stability, a virtue I remember hearing a lot about from the Benedictine monks in my Freshmen orientation at Belmont Abbey.

Thanks to my pre-scheduled routine today, I experienced the presence of Christ in a quiet daily Mass, the smell of blossoming honeysuckle on my long run at the greenway, and the smile of my child in the sunshine at the park.

I couldn't ask for more.

Well... Besides asking for the grace to stick to it!

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