Yes, This Will Be a Late Night

Oh, hello place I will be with my husband tomorrow evening.

... sans BABY!

I am so excited right now!!!

Jason and I are going on our very first weekend away ... tomorrow!

It all just sort of came together last minute... The invitation to attend a work convention at the beach, a couple of exceedingly enthusiastic grandma's who live 2 hours away, and a man and wife who have not slept in and snuggled on a Saturday morning since February 25, 2011. And there you have it! A little get-away!

The hotel is the prettiest I've seen in Myrtle Beach.

[Natives know that Myrtle is, well, kind of the Daytona of the Carolinas ... 
It is right next to one of the most beautiful Islands, my beloved Pawley's, but
its just not always known for its classiness.  
(And some of my readers may just love Myrtle - so I apologize for giving offense. 
My snobbery is truly something I am working on!)]

But all southern "Bless-Their-Hearts" superiority aside, being real, this is my first post-baby weekend away with my husband... I would probably be in Heaven in a tent on the side of 85.

And, snob though I may be... this little oceanfront resort is no tent. :) So yes, I am really excited!

Good thing too, as I currently have a mountain of laundry strategically thrown on my bed, (forcing me to fold and put it away before passing out)...

a sinful sink of dishes that will probably (not) find their way to the cabinets before morning...

3 suitcases to pack...
 a master list of Will's do's-and-do-not's for the grandmas to finish editing...

 and, finally, a whole lot 

of conflicting emotions 

about driving hundreds of miles away

 from my baby

 to bury somewhere




Making matters worse... 

He totally intuitively knows I am torn about something concerning his adorable self - just see how irresistible he was being this evening?!

I mean seriously... How am I ever going to drive away from this child?

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