Beach Week

Right now, I am curled up in a blanket on the couch in the condo (Outer Banks, NC), enjoying a little cantaloupe and TLC [quite literally... watching reruns of What Not to Wear].

Jason flew out early yesterday morning to a work conference in Chicago. Will missed him the moment he woke up... He was whiny and clingy all day, and could be occasionally heard moaning "Dada".

I grow more and more aware each day of how amazing my husband is as a father. Will is so completely bonded to him.
They are best buds.
I was honestly caught off guard by how much I am missing Jason, too! Obviously, I knew I'd miss my darling husband. But I guess I was expecting to be just part of my family for a week. I'm still a newlywed; I didn't realize that I would so quickly feel like my "family" is no longer the family I grew up in... But the family I am so blessed with now.

I still am enjoying all the eager (ahem, free) babysitters in my parents and my 5 brothers and sisters... I love "do-you-remembering" and laughing til your stomach hurts with my crazy brothers... But a big part of me can't help counting down the hours til Jason flies back to the beach on Friday.
In the meantime, I am really just grateful to God that I can be out by the ocean for a whole week now, and then again in August at Edisto with Jason's equally adorable family. I never feel closer to God than when I'm on the beach. I don't know if it's the 12 first years of my life that I spent most weekends body-surfing, staring at sea-turtle nests and building sandcastles which make me feel so totally at peace, so complete, or if its just the fact that God has left something of the sea for himself on our planet... It's power, raw beauty, elusive mystery, and gentle sweetness are unlike anything else in the world for me.
Apparently, my child feels the same :).

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