Rainy Monday: Beach Books and the Bachelorette

Watching my baby watch the rain this morning...

Of course today was supposed to be the day I ran 8 miles to complete my weekly mileage quota... And the sky is just dumping.

According to my weather app, there is a good chance of it clearing up a teensy bit this afternoon though... So I'm trying to eat frequent, small, carb-rich meals in case I want to dash out the door suddenly with Will :).

I am especially excited for this long run, because I landed on a genius idea during my last run, which made it really hard to stop even though I had run for an hour already.

My music has gotten boring, but on my long runs I really needed something to listen to.

Soooo I got a really long audio "beach book" (otherwise known as Chick Lit) by good ole Dorothea Benton Frank. She's a Charleston native, and it shows in all the right ways.

I mean, come on, what Carolina girl could resist a book with such a cover? Paperback, Large Print, Attracting-Judgmental-Glances-of-Husband notwithstanding :).

I loved every minute of that run, letting my imagination fly away to Sullivan's Island. As I ran, I kept the timeless advice of Micah True (Caballo Blanco, an amazing character of the book Born to Run) for running: "Run easy, light, smoooooth, happy...and run free!" I jumped into my run with my back straight, my head up, my fingers barely resting on the stroller handle, and my feet lightly tapping the ground. And then I zoned out, the huge oak trees, marshes, and wrap-around blue-ceilinged porches of Charleston suddenly before my eyes. It was glorious. 

And I got really sucked in to the story, so I hated stopping. I am all ready to go again today, as soon as the rains slows down.

In other news, I am venturing out of my safe, classic, neutral decorating style and giving retro color a shot. Check out these curtains I got at Urban Outfitters for mothers day:

They are up in the guest bedroom/Jason's study room. I wanted to rearrange and decorate the room for him since he started his classes at Queens University [which he lovvvves!] last week, and I want him to have somewhere he enjoys going to get away and study. I'd rather he choose here than the library :).

I forgot how much work fun rearranging is.

(yes, that is a chair on the bed. It's a process).

Anyways... I hope everyone is having a nice, quiet Monday morning! Anyone else ridiculously excited for Emily Maynard to receive her rightful time in the spotlight tonight? Finally a classy Bachelorette!

[I'm not even going to try to offer excuses for myself on this one.]

Well, I'm off! I am really excited about this long run! I also sincerely hope I still have a few readers... The majority no doubt ran away screaming after this dead giveaway to my poor, immature, unintellectual taste in books and television.

When I'm done with Sullivan's, I'll be hunting down this one on audio. Yes, I am absolutely judging by the cover.

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