Evolving and a Shout-out

I love how much this stage in life requires me to be open to change. To be flexible to grow. To be ready to evolve.

We have been going through a lot of change over here at the Oakes' house. 
Jason started his MBA program. 
Kallah started getting some real writing opportunities. 
Will started knocking on the wall when he's done napping,
 "rollin it" in Pat-a-Cake, 
and now I'm just waiting for him to decide he's "evolved" enough 
to pitch himself fearlessly through the convenient opening in the stairwell 
into the depths below.

You can totally see the cogs turning in his little-boy head, right?

Never fear - I am a watchful mother! I am also trying to figure out if I am a writer (oooo smooth segue!). I am hardly a pro-blogger, nor am I positive I ever want to be
 (juggling all the ads, sponsors, giveaways, etc)... 
But I feel like there's definitely a lot more in store with this little space for me to reflect on each beautiful change in my life.

So, as I have mentioned before, I decided it was time to re-vamp my entire blog. I enlisted the help of a pro because I am woefully - seriously, woefully - computer-challenged.

I cannot contain my excitement... If all goes well [ie, if my total computer idiocy can keep up] my blog will be receiving a head-to-toe makeover in the next 24 hours!!!

I am blown away by the talent of the lovely designer who is saving my blog... Bobbi of "Today I'm Bobbi". (Her blog is also really fun to read! I lovvvve her descriptions of life in England. Totes jell).

She is creative, a good listener, and most importantly, really patient! And I could not believe how reasonable her design packages are $wise. I was so grateful to find an affordable designer. (Thank you, Camille!)

If you are looking to take your writing/blogging to the next level, but are less-than-satisfied with your own amateur blog designs (as I was!), Bobbi is the one to go to!
The whole process was really cool... It makes you sit back and look at your life, your gifts and your weaknesses, and re-evaluate what you love and don't love about your blog as an outlet.

I can't wait for the final product to go up tomorrow!

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