A Little Camouflage Hoodie and a Long Walk

I am not one to complain about heat in the summer.
 I have grown up my whole life below the Mason-Dixon line; 
I am used to humidity, sunshine, and fry-an-egg-on-the-sidewalk temperatures.

But the breezes of the past two mornings were nothing short of a gift from God Himself.

Since the forecast for this weekend is a blistering 105 degrees,
 I decided to embrace the short and temporary blessing of the cool weather this morning 
and go for a long walk.

I adore my boy in his camo fleece. So kissable.

I am so grateful I live in a neighborhood that I love to walk in. 
That was my biggest cross in our old apartment 
- being surrounded by concrete and highways and bus-stops - 
having to drive anywhere I wanted to walk.

Our neighborhood is quiet, old, and safe.
 It isn't glamorous or showy; most of our neighbors keep up lovely yards, 
but not anything over the top. 
There are a lot of old folks, which means some houses are kept up to OCD perfection, 
while others look as if they once were, but can't keep up anymore 
and have retired into shabby contentment. 

But I think the majority of houses are more like this one...

I loved how Will kept grabbing for Max's leash.
He so wants to be Max's only Master & Commander.

This is one of my favorite little houses...

And I have major yard-envy of this beautiful little house on the corner lot...

Everything about it is so simple and picturesque.

And everytime I run, I go out of my way to pass this next house. 
Just looking at it - no matter how hot and sweaty the afternoon - 
makes me feel refreshed...

It always looks so cool and peaceful.

There's something about old trees bending over a quiet street...

Will doesn't miss a thing on our walks. 
He will sit contentedly in his stroller for hours at a time, but he only occasionally dozes off; 
there's too much to see!

The downside of making running a constant, rhythmic part of your everyday life,
 is that you can easily forget to walk.

Walking is so good for the soul, I think. 
I love the peaceful quiet that washes over me on a long walk. 
I love listening to the birds and feeling little breezes. 
I love that sensation of time slowing down.

And I may love imagining I am the elegant Lady Mary Crawley. 
That was just a joke.

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