Sheer Exhaustion and Coming Home to a Clean House

I have to say, I am extremely proud of myself. We got home from our long drive at 4:30pm on Saturday. I was totally travel-worn, stinky and exhausted... And covered with Will's crumbs... But upon stepping over the doorstep into our clean house, I decided: no stopping until the entire mess of the car is unpacked and put away properly.

So difficult. So tempting the whole time to "just take a break". But Jason and I teamed up and did it all - even to washing, drying and putting away all our dirty laundry.

Then at 7 o'clock, we passed out.

I was in bed... Asleep... at 9:15.

A few last pics of our vacay... It was so lovely. :)
...sunrise from my bedroom window...
...that wrinkled, wavy, careless beach look. oh wait no that's just my everyday look. oops...
...Gramzie reading to Will and Uncle Joey...
...vacay tantrums...
...enjoying the nighttime walks on the beach when our free babysitters hung out in the condo and kept an ear out for sleeping Tantrum-Thrower.
The end!

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