A Small Boy and His Big Dog

The addition to our household of our yellow lab, Max, was the product of some major nesting hormones flying around between Jason and I when we were 20 weeks pregnant with Will.

I'm glad we got him when we did - I can't imagine house training a puppy when you have a baby.

Max is as amazing with Will as we hoped... It's really cute how much Will loves him and wants him around. Will started calling him "Bahh" a long time before he could say many other words. I find it hilarious the way Will chases him around, finger pointed, scolding him in a stern voice.

I do get really annoyed by people referring to Max as Will's "brother". I always loved big dogs... But I am not interested in pretending I gave birth to one. Gross.

Max may not be a brother, but he is a great *pet* for Will; he is patient and gentle (most of the time... except when Jason comes home and he can't control his excitement).

Seeing how much my baby longs for a playmate makes me quite... thoughtful. ;)

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