Something Good

Woke up bright and early to make this blueberry pie for my friend who is about to have her 8th baby at the age of 31 :).
[If I could look like her after having my second baby, I would be in danger of being overcome by vanity.]

She is such a cool mama - has been doing P90x through her entire pregnancy! - and I adore her kids. (I babysat them twice a week before Will came). The kids really thrive in their home and routine. And their hilarious friendships with each other!

It's so cute to me that when I go over to their house w my baby, they fight over who gets to hold Will and play with him. You'd think that after all those babies these kids would be tired of them, but the opposite is true.

Sidenote: seriously, I think this was the finest pie I have made yet! Must've been all the love that went into it.

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