Tangents and Watermelon

This is what I am calling a deliciously grey day. I believe the high is somewhere around 74 degrees?

Unheard of for June in the Carolinas!

Perfect day to regurgitate an uninterrupted stream of random thoughts of my exciting morning.

And to enjoy this baby on the brink of manhood:

Gosh. He is just the cutest.

Mr Baby and I are spending a few hours upstairs this morning as I enjoy the one room of our house that currently has nice curtains and avidly daydream about the colors I want to paint it with.

[Incidentally... am I the only homeowner who finds herself spending 80% of her time in 2 rooms of her relatively spacious abode? Seriously. I have to spice it up more. The corner table in my kitchen and the left hand side of the living room couch are getting a bit old.]

I actually just bought all the paint supplies to get started... My plan is to paint in the evenings, just a little bit at a time, while Jason is at school and Mr. Baby is done for the day. I want to order a few Ralph Martin talks on CD to listen to - it'll remind me of the evenings I spent painting with my Dad, listening to Ralph's "Introduction to the Devout Life". (Best talk ever!).

Random Tangent #2: Another reason I love the occasional cool rainy day in the summer is the slim chance to wear my boots.

We just got back from a Costco trip in which I charged around joyfully in my gorgeous, still-stiff, real-leather Frye boots.

I salivated over these boots for years. Literally. Go ahead, judge me.

But its not just the style I found so totally appealing... its the fact that they're "bench-crafted" in Texas, and they are one of the few fashionable boots left in America that are nice enough to be taken to a real cobbler when they get beat up.

My philosophy with things like shoes and nice jeans, is: if the style is classic and the quality is real, then its better to save up over time for one great pair that will last you for years,
and become a staple in your closet,
than to buy 10 cheap knock-off versions season after season.

So I saved up my pennies, and I kid you not, the day I went to the mall, cash in hand, intending to buy, I stumbled on this gorgeous pair at Belk that were marked down %40.

[Presumably because I am the only person who wants to buy and wear thick heavy leather boots in April.]

It was so the Lord.

Random Tangent #3: this picture is a whole lot of goodness in one shot.

The book, which the delightful Hallie Lord signed and gave to my husband for me when he was at the RBTE tradeshow in Chicago, is an incredibly inspiring one. I have been so refreshed and encouraged by the beautifully balanced perspective of modern, Christian womanhood. Honestly, even for non-Catholics, I think this book would be just as encouraging and enjoyable for you as "Captivating" was for me in highschool.

Both books center on helping a woman develop a true peace and confidence in her identity that can only come from a deep and thriving relationship with Christ.

Its the first book I've read in ages that I immediately started making an invisible list in my head of all the women in my life I'd like to send a copy to.

[The watermelon is courtesy of Trader Joe's, and I am embarrassed to confess, I think I ate 3/4 of it - yes of the entire watermelon - in one sitting.]

Random Tangent #4: did anyone else laugh at the dude in the Bachelorette this week on the 2-on-1 who tried to sound all health-conscious and know-it-all-y with his overly-excited,

"Oh, is that quih-NO-ah?!!"

Keen-wah. Keen-wah, dude.

I, on the other hand, am rightfully health-conscious, know-it-all-y and overly-excited about finding this 4 lb bag of it at Costco today. I think it's the best deal I've found for organic quinoa. If you're looking to stretch an organic menu on a budget, quinoa

(excellent source of protein, being a sort of ancient hybrid between a grain and a nut)

is definitely more filling than rice - and it cooks faster, too!

I love making a big batch and adding some sauteed garlic, olive oil, fresh basil, frozen corn, carrots, onions, and whatever other odd veggies I have on hand.

So delicious.

[The best place to find a million recipes for this superfood is Enlightened Cooking. You're welcome. :)]

Final Random Tangent:

Here's hoping y'all are equally blessed with a peaceful, cozy morning!

I'm definitely off to finish that last quarter of my watermelon.

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