Transitions and Toddlers

Will has been hurdling so many new milestones each time I turn around, I have to scribble them down lest this season pass me by.

Forgive me for just completely indulging my obnoxious-proud-mama emotions this once. 

Latest annoyance: drowning me out when I've been on the phone past my allotted time. He pads around behind me, hollering at the top of his lungs, until neither he nor I can hear ourselves.

Latest challenge: short-fuse of a temper growing shorter by the hour. I have been turning to desperate measures to placate him when a tantrum is brewing.

Behold my attempts in the long and arduous checkout line at Trader Joe's:

[Thank you, Marc Jacobs.]

Latest comic relief: passing out in public.

[he is totally sleeping.]

Latest sweetness: grasping my neck all the way around with his soft arms in a bear hug when I pick him up.

Latest precociousness: I spent a morning teaching him to knock on the door when he accidentally shuts himself in a closet or bedroom, instead of getting scared and screaming. 
That same afternoon, when he was angrily refusing a nap, and I was determinedly making him stay in his crib, I suddenly heard his wailing stop, and, 
as if a lightbulb had gone off in his little head, 
loud, insistent knocking came through the wall.

[ I couldn't keep him in there after that. Cuteness like that deserves hugs and kisses. ]

I was talking to my friend Catherine, (who made me ridiculously happy by coming up here for a girl's weekend for which I was oh-so-starved), all about the joys and tribulations of being a mother. 
I have come to the decision that the hardest seasons, or stages, 
of your experience of motherhood with each individual child,
 are the "in-between" ones ... 
the transition periods where your child is leaving behind one stage and trying to land into the next. 
Newborn to baby (those first 6 weeks were the most exhausting and emotional of my life!)... 
baby to crawling baby...
toothless baby to painful teething...
crawler to independent walker and (oh the terror!) climber...
baby-baby to toddler... 
and, as I have seen in my 5 younger siblings, all the stage transitions that follow...
toddler to child... child to teen... teen to adult... 

Baby to toddler is pretty challenging. Cute. Hilarious. And challenging.

But its almost a relief to realize that the vague feeling of "hardship" that I have been experiencing
is the challenge of just trying to help Mr Baby adjust to being Mr Toddler. And once that adjustment period is passed, we'll be in a new, peaceful season once again. 

Until the next transition stage :).

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