Keeping Busy

I wish I had more time to write, but life just got really crazy really fast!

Jason's cousin is getting married in Charleston this coming weekend. I am so excited... His fiancée, Ashton, is just lovely - and since she has such awesome Southern taste, obvious good breeding, and a passion for event planning, I am expecting this to be a beautiful wedding!

Will and I drove down for her bridal luncheon in Greenville on Saturday, at cute Brick Street Cafe (same place we had my own bridal luncheon two years ago!). Will was super naughty, but I just love being with Jason's sweet mother and her two wonderful sisters, so I still had fun!

I am so blessed with my amazing mother-in-law and her cute family. I am literally counting down the days til I get to spend a whole week with them at the beach!

She graciously hosted Will and I at her house that evening, even though Jason couldn't make it (buzzkill school). She and Jason's stepdad have the most peaceful home up in the mountains in Traveler's Rest. She is my role model for housekeeping; she set that bar high for the future Mrs Jason Oakes :).

Will had the time of his life running around and wrapping both his grandparents around his finger.

Here he is running around before bathtime...

How happy does this kid look?!

That night was really special for me. Jason's parents have a sweet little patio that they fixed up, with a cool tile floor and walls of windows that you can keep snugly closed or open floor-to-ceiling.

My dear mother-in-law sat out there chatting comfortably with me til we both couldn't stop yawning... It was just magical, with that awesome mountain quality of feeling chilly at night even in July. It rained just enough to fill the air with its fragrance. We heard a whippoorwill, which has a hauntingly beautiful song.

In the midst of talking about everything and nothing, I kept getting poignant little flashbacks... Jason took me out to that back porch in the middle of October, almost 4 years ago, for our first date night. We picked up Chick-fil-A and ate it on the porch. We sat out there together in the beautiful autumn evening shyly holding hands (it was our first weekend together as boyfriend/girlfriend)... and then he took me contra dancing in Jones Gap :).

Moments like this past Saturday night on the porch are so meaningful for me, because I realize how much my season of dating Jason actually resembles the life I live now as his spouse. No false advertising there :). Jason understood from the beginning how much I need to be constantly finding beauty in my life, in the simple little moments. And we fell madly in love because he needed that too.

The next morning, Will and I made our way up to Camp Kahdalea for the afternoon.

I worked at this camp in college, and it is a truly special place. Nowhere else do highschool and middleschool girls get to just be free and dance like crazy (so much dancing!), have fun with body paint for every excuse imaginable (from "Cow Day" to "Pirate Day" to a secret and marvelous thing called "Quest"). Something about camp feeling like sacred ground to me - so many tears shed, of self-recognition, humility, joy, laughing too hard, painful goodbyes, and peace that passes understanding - keeps me from sharing more of it in a public space. It is just... Camp :).

My little sister is there livin' it up right now, so I got to see her and introduce Mr Baby to old my old beloved campers and fellow counselors.

It was the perfect ending to a long, busy, happy weekend.

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