Rainy Day Mischief

I have to say - I love being the mother of a little boy.

Obviously, girls are sweet and cute and I would probably dote on one if I had one.

But there's just something about boys.

Mr Baby has had his plate full with all the acts of mischief he must perform in order to meet his quota, let me tell you!

Yesterday - as all y'all in the tri-state area will already know - was a deliciously, Fall-achingly day of grey skies and chilly winds. Okay, that was over-romanticized... Chilly-ish. As in, 20 degrees cooler than it has been. As in 85 degrees. Chilly.

So, I was overjoyed with the change of weather... And I decided right away to stay home and get the house all cozy and clean. On a slightly-relevant-sidenote, I have been trying to challenge myself to not let things "slide" when I'm tired. I think it's important to add here that there are many stay-at-home mamas who must do the opposite... Cut themselves a break and relax a bit, even if it means some expectations (from gourmet-from-scratch meals to polished toilets and organized linen cabinets) have to go. I respect that!

But for my whimsical, ever-optimistic, daydreamy, oldest-of-6-kids personality, this is not conducive to growth, neither as an individual nor as spouse. I needed to give myself a good swift kick in the pants to set the bar higher and work harder. I'm not breastfeeding anymore, which means I have a great deal more energy. I am so grateful I can stay at home with my toddler, but I want to make sure I am taking pride in every opportunity that makes it a full-time job. Seeing my husband cheerfully go off to work with the sunrise each morning, and not get in til long after sunset and his last MBA class of the evening, I feel a huge desire to work even harder than usual myself, out of love and appreciation for him.

Which brings me to my tasks yesterday afternoon, of making up an awesome recipe for Oatmeal Raisin Breakfast Cookies (to replace our expensive penchant for Clif Bars), and mopping all the floors.

I heard a flurry of activity from the other corner of the kitchen as I was working on my cookies.

I turned around just in time to catch Mr Baby slamming the cabinet door, his potbelly stuck out with evident pride.

Apparently, he figured out how to tidy things up himself...

(everything you see in there, besides the metal baking pans, was not originally placed there by myself).

As if that mischief wasn't enough for the day, we had another episode at bathtime.

This is just plain embarrassing...

Jason always lets Will have a rollicking good time hopping around in his birthday suit pre-bath. I felt bad that Will was missing out on fun times with his hard-working dad, so I let the good times roll a leetle longer than the usual.

I went into the TV room and saw my son sitting so cutely in the hideous black leather man-chair that my husband will not give up. I took the obligatory nekked pic.

I ran out of the room for 2 seconds to turn off the bath water, and cans back in to see my naked son engrossed with the dvds. Then to my horror I noticed the package he had spontaneously left behind...

The mind of a little boy is a mysterious and hilarious thing.

I am thankful that my oldest-of-6 self can get a good laugh out of it... Cause really?

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