Chocolate Icecream & Count It All Joy

My life is crazy.

It's okay, it's good to feel a challenge to rise to the occasion for. But when you have the choice between mopping your floors and blogging
cooking dinner for two hungry guys and blogging
dancing with your toddler because you both are so overtired and grumpy and blogging
taking your toddler to the doc because he hasn't been sleeping for the past 2 nights and you suspect an earache and blogging
going to your husband's last living grandparent's funeral and blogging

Obviously, life has a beautiful way of getting all unpredictable on you. And my favorite blogs are actually not the ones that are updated bi-weekly regardless of the quality of the content to offer. They're the blogs that you always wish were updated every day because each post is inspired and inspir-ing. So I remind myself of this when I feel discouraged that I sometimes have to neglect this discipline for me to keep writing.

(Will helping out at the doctor's office)

I had a great idea for a new food-challenge post, but I don't have time to do it properly right now, sooo I'll just share this link I saw this morning related to my previous food-challenge - on not being afraid of fat.

I will be honest, I still get anxious at times going so against the flow
and cutting out the skim-milk, the fat-free packaged salad dressing,
and all the other
lowfat, processed substitutes we have been told for decades was better for us than the whole fat, all natural versions.

But when I read articles like these, I feel more confident.

What do you think?

Also, on the topic of fat,
if you're in North Carolina and have access to a Harris Teeter, this organic icecream is cheaper than Ben&Jerry's (1 quart=$3.99)
and so. freaking. Delicious.

Happy weekend!