Driving Into Sunsets

At this moment, Jason and I are driving out to go camping together in the Mountains. Florence + the Machine Pandora station is playing on our speakers, and the sun is flaming red as it's setting.

Thank you for this moment, God.

Packing for a camping trip was so much more exhausting than I thought it would be! But I'm sure it will get easier with practice - and we're planning on getting a whole lot of that. :)

I am already in no-phone mode, so for now I'll just post a few Instagram pics of my week - mostly doing the "Eat With Intention" slash "Enjoy Food More" challenge. I did enjoy my meals so very much more! It's been awesome - the emotionally uplifting effect eating this way has is crazy. And TLC is something I believe no mama should deprive herself of. The cost is too high!

I hope you all make some happy memories this weekend! Live life to the fullest!