I Caved.

Just. Look at what I did.

No self-discipline. It's embarrassing. I have been counting the days til September begins, when I thought it would be reasonable to start feeling really Autumnal, and then today I fell off the wagon.

It was 70 degrees with a Fall-y breeze for my morning run! How could I resist?!

I lit this candle, I made ginger-seasoned cookies (which are weird since I had no molasses or canned pumpkin), I wore jeans, I made hot tea, I even dressed my boy in his checkered flannel.

It made the day's mischief ten times more photogenic!

So my friends - can we make it til September? Pre-Fall-Syndrome can have its consequences if you don't deal...

Two years ago I didn't even try to be patient, and I never would've thought it possible, but by the time true Autumn came, mid-October, I was over it. Perish the thought, I know, but it really did happen, that's how bad I was at just pretending it was Fall before it was time. (With the help of many candles, the Internet, and a gargantuan electric bill to pay for the cool "weather" I was determined to experience in August).

Sad, embarrassing, true story. Learn from the tragedies of my past.

Oooh but on the bright side, my bodum French press that we bought for camping makes the most amazingly smooth and satisfying cup of coffee this side of Paris.

And yes, coffee this elegant absolutely must be drunk out of
fine china.

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