A Few Fall Favorites

Last year, the weather fluctuated so insanely you never quite knew where you stood. Fall crept drably into a winter that was so often warm, I believe I wore a coat once. Yuck. I hold that inappropriately mild season responsible for the masses of gigantic insects that have plagued us all year long, even with regular visits from Jay the Bug Guy. (Unrelated: when I texted my best friend saying he was coming to kill the bugs, the dependably comedic autocorrect thought I was trying to call him the Big Gut. And yes, unfortunately that title would also be accurate).

I daren't make any predictions about this coming winter, but so far it seems promising. The temperature has been dropping so gradually and so consistently as to give me great hope for a real autumn and a proper winter.

I am praying for Will's first snow to come this year. Ask and you shall receive!

There is something really special about Fall in Charlotte. I can't put my finger on it though... Somehow it just fits. The many neighborhoods of huge, regal old houses by streets with tunnels overhead of proud oak trees, the delightful coffee shops, brisk uptown, well-stocked libraries, and the glamorous South Park Mall for rainy days... Fall looks really, really good on the Queen City.




I have a few favorites for this year's autumn. These are just simple things that enrich my life.

Favorite Music: Bon Iver. And of course Florence & the Machine, which I've been running happily to since last year. Hers is a voice for all seasons :).

Favorite Blog to Read: I recently discovered the blog "hm". I lovvvvve this girl's writing style (and style in general). I may have shamelessly imitated her fringe bang. Perfection.

Also "tales of me & the husband plus five kids & a gracie" (aka "It's a Hunt Life") if you're up for a sweepingly romantic (true life) love story.

Favorite Time to Run: definitely after 5, closer to dusk. Though I get antsy waiting until then, cause I'm always afraid it'll be too late and something will come up and I'll be kicking myself that I didn't run earlier. But that's when there's a little nip in the air, when the setting sun shows off the new colors of the trees, and when I get the greatest runner's high.

Favorite Shop: I stalk the sales at J.Crew, Banana and Anthro in the South Park Mall. It's the best mall for window shopping. And I've been learning how to get good deals at Gymboree for Will. The thing I love about that label is that all the clothes complement each other so well, you can mix and match effortlessly. Plus he looks like a small gentleman rather than a small teenager, which is the goto style of babyGap (at least on the boys' side - the girls' looks a bit more age-appropriate from a distance). I used to dismiss Gymboree as way out of my price range, but I've learned that between the Gymbucks and RedTag clearances, you can really spend the same amount you would at Target. Just have to shop smart.

Favorite Things to Watch: New Girl, Modern Fam, Parenthood and college football on tv. "Friends" in the mail from Netflix (I am always in the mood to watch it when its cold outside! There's just something so homey and comforting about this old show. Though Jason says all the guys are gay and he makes vom sounds if I have it on ever in his presence). Rewatching both Mad Men and Downton Abbey on instantplay (really grateful for my husband's shared good taste w these two, though he may have a dangerous hate-that-i-love-you man-crush on Don). And of course, Harry Potter, but the conditions have to be just right - it has to be a cold evening, and Jason has to be home, we have to be in the mood, and preferably accompanied by a hot beverage and a sweet snack. (Which is ixnayed for me temporarily and I'm dying. 21 days left.) Will's fav thing to watch is the Bob the Builder DVD I caved and bought for him. I couldn't resist and the look on his face at seeing talking beep-beeps was even more priceless than I'd've imagined.

Favorite Drinks: no Pumpkin Spice Soy Lattes for me just now, heartbreakingly... But I just drink extra Pinot Noir every evening to bury the deep feelings of deprivation. I also like [cheap] champagne even for everyday occasions slash no occasion at all, because it makes me feel like Serena van der Woodsen.

Favorite Meals: homemade chili in the crockpot - I make mine really chunky with lots of bell peppers, diced tomatoes, onions and other vegetables - accompanied by buttery, moist cornbread (I turn up my nose at the mixes. Mine is from scratch).

Favorite Fashion/Wardrobe pieces: I have a major shoe fetish, including but not limited to ballet flats and boots. I am, embarrassingly, snobby and particular about both. Self-conscious as it makes me however, I will never again buy a cheap pair of either... It makes too big of a difference in the comfort and durability of both these particular styles. I was spoiled by the first pair of flats I got from J.Crew on extra clearance (seriously I think they were $25) a few years ago... Made from Italian leather, the best thing about these flats is that the more you break them in, the better they feel and look. And then there's my longstanding Frye fetish. The delightfulest thing about these boots is the gorgeous leather. And the handmadeintheUSA construction. And the fact that they're one of the only brands that don't make all their boots with zippers (which I hate) or tacky little heels (hate even more). And... Oh goshhhhh I hate how they ruined so many other boots for me! But I love my pair and I'm (trying) to save for another one.

I would also love a silky flowy button down with front pockets right now. And of course a plaid flannel popover.

But, in the words of Carrie Bradshaw, "I'm cheating on fashion with furniture". Or in my case, any and everything to do with home decor.
Which brings me to Favorite Decor: well, it's not the cornucopia basket this year (damn you Hunger Games). Am I crazy for walking through Michaels, seeing those things on a display, and involuntarily shivering?

I'm pretty smitten with Michaels' Fall Berry garlands. I have strung them up liberally throughout my little abode.

Have a beautiful morning!

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