Coming Home to a Clean House

We came back from our vacay at the sleepy little beach town of Edisto,
To a gloriously full-blown autumn in Charlotte. It all seems to have started peaking when we were gone.

I took Will for a run the other evening on the Greenway, and was so overwhelmed by the scenery I had to keep pausing for pictures (a first for me when locked into a run!).

It's been so wonderful to come home to.

When I was a little girl, my dad would never let us get out the door on vacation without leaving a clean house. Everything had to be extra-special-sparkling.

I'm grateful for that upbringing - a perfectly clean house is the best thing to open the door to, after a long crumb-y, tired drive.

I was more than usually grateful for it this past time. See, unfortunately, Saturday evening Jason's dear Aunt Virginia got a call that her 7 yr old granddaughter, Addie Reese, whose cute family had not been able to come this time to the beach, had fallen out of a tree and was unconscious. She was flown from the hospital in Rock Hill to the more high-tech one in Charlotte because the doctors could see right away she had suffered a severe head injury.

This was especially overwhelming and terrifying for Addie Reese's dad and his parents (my husband's aunt and uncle)... They still have not recovered from the loss of their handsome 19 year old son Blake, who died from a severe brain injury in a freak car accident on the highway to Charleston about 7 years ago.

I guess as parents you expect to have a few good scares with your children. I imagine it would be incredibly hard to be hopeful after the unthinkable happens and that scare ends in tragedy.

Uncle Mike and Aunt Virginia left right away to get to Charlotte, and Jason and I felt it was the least we could do to send them off with a key to our house, which is very close to the hospital. (Their own house is in Greenville - too far for a situation like this).

I was so relieved I had left a spotless house (esp the extra 20 minutes I almost didn't spend scrubbing down the bathrooms!) despite the stress of rushing out the door with a toddler who delights in unpacking nearly-packed suitcases.

Addie Reese is really on the mend now, finally! Keep her full recovery in your prayers - she still needs some therapy and her speech has been affected, but it sounds like she is coming back to her friendly confident self.

I think her grandparents experienced a great deal of peace in being close and surrounded by praying family.

Being a hostess, even under unplanned or difficult circumstances, is more of a blessing to the one hosting than the one being hosted, I think. There's a certain joy in welcoming someone in my home, feeling that warm fuzzy feeling of being able to make them comfortable... Whether its nice-smelling sheets and towels, or a good breakfast, or a cheerful audience.
(Love that Mary and I were pondering this at the same time... She has much more helpful tips for hosting, by the way!)

I think hosting is one of my favorite things about having a house.

Anyways, this was just another one of those moments when I was so glad for my Dad and Mom's good parenting.

It was a gift to not only myself and my little family to be able to
come home to a clean house.

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