Just Lion Around the House

It seems like everyday we climb small and momentous new milestones. Mr Baby is fast outgrowing his title, but I cling to it firmly.

We've had a rather rough couple of weeks... Jason's midterms are right around the corner, and he spent the weekend at a leadership retreat for the MBA program. It was pretty cool though - they based it on "Atlas Shrugged", which forced him (and now me) to finally read it. Brilliant.

Anyways, seems like so many evenings lately I crash right after I have wrassled my monkey into his crib ("tag him n' bag him" is Jason's apt description of the process of getting Will into his pj's and Halo sleepsack). I lay very still on the couch for an indeterminable period, too tired to even decide what I want to do with myself at only 8 o'clock, and then I usually find myself re-living some of the naughtier moments of the day, finally able to appreciate the comedy of my former frustrations. Like Will launching his stuff toys over his little head and into the dirty sink as I'm scrubbing pots... Or shrieking "Beep Beep!" from the recesses of the jogging stroller at every bicyclist that whirs past us on the Greenway... Or dancing on the dining room table when I'm not looking... Or sticking his little feet into his dads shoes (or also my patent leopard ballet flats) and clunking around proudly... Or, while parading about nekked before bathtime, discovering that if he squats it will help squeeze out more pee-pee with which to mark each corner of the upstairs carpet.

He has this one toy that I actually tracked for a few days last week, because it seemed like it was really getting around. I notice this because of its startling resemblance (in dim corners, without my glasses) to a lurking rat.

It's an ugly little old plastic lion (finally! Some explanation for the weird title of the post, right?!). He has since been plucked of his honorable tail, revealing a crudely large aperture in the hindquarters. But here are a few glimpses of his daily travels:

That is all.
Except to say that getting to share my life with a toddler is the best.

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