The Beach in October

This past weekend we enjoyed a beautiful 4 day visit with Jason's family at Edisto.

We got to watch gorgeous October sunsets on the secluded little beach near the condo... We ate too much of Alane and Beth's scrumptious Southern food - including a fluffy melt-in-your-mouth egg salad sandwich at lunch, and warm comforting savory Shrimp n' Grits at suppertime. Jason and I drank up our time together after the past few weeks of busyness and exhaustion. We rode creaky old bikes all day with Will perched in the baby seat. The weather was warm and the sun shone the whole time, but there was a soft cold breeze you don't get to feel in the summer months.

Yearly family vacations like this are so helpful in making you stop and realize how far you've come in 12 short months. The entire trip, I kept getting little flashbacks to our time last year at Edisto... Will was a chubby little 6 month old, with rosebud lips, a floppy blue sun hat, and a constant need to snuggle and breastfeed with his mama. On the beach, he'd be stuck in the Bumbo under the umbrella cause he couldn't even sit up by himself. He was mostly preoccupied by staring for hours at his round little toes.

This year he was trying to talk to everyone, came up with a new name for his sweet grandmother - formerly "Gaga" she is now affectionately known by the more endearing name of "Gobby"... He "caw-caw"ed at the seagulls with excitement, hopped up and down beeping everytime a boat sped by, dug in the sand with his little shovels and his trucks, attempted to stick his little finger into every crab hole he saw (to his Mama's great consternation), and tried determinedly to throw all the seashells back into the ocean where they belonged.

My heart did skip a beat when my busy little son proudly brought me his first seashell gift. I tucked it away and intend to save it forever.

These years go by too quickly. It's hard to imagine next years beach trip... I'm guessing Will will be chattering up a storm of more coherent convos, sleeping in a bed instead of a pack n' play, and giving me and his Gobby a heart attack every five minutes.

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