Friday Afternoon


He now tells me when he has a "Poooh." And he insisted on walking through the Southpark mall on our little window-shopping, milk-shake-drinking date w Jason last night. When we passed the Guess store with its blaring club music, he also had to start dancing, to the great delight of all passersby. ;)

I am so. Freaking. Sleep deprived. Thanks to becoming newly addicted to this show. I know, we are a year late the party - but I don't even care. It's amazing. I adore Claire Danes, and my "Band of Brothers"-loving husband can't get enough of What's-His-Face, the main character dude.

Also an old adorable fav from "the Princess Bride" makes a comeback :). Love him, love it, love this absorbing show.

Anyone else?

This weekend I will be blowin' leaves with my honkin' badass backpack blower that my huz finally got for me since his school prevents him from the usual slave labor. I will be taking full advantage of the slightly warmer weather with my jogging stroller (any advice on keeping a thumb-sucker's hands warm when his mama's running?)...
I am excited about hosting our awesome priests for dinner tomorrow night - though I'm still undecided as to the menu. I know, bad planning! Anddddd last but not least I am picking up my sewing machine from the shop and finally finishing up all the drapes downstairs!!
I am actually just loving the sheers that I put up to provide a layered, vintagey look with the eventual patterned drapes...

...but I picked out some really awesome fabric at Joann's and I think the final result will be majestic!

Sneak peak:

So exciting.

And in light of my last post,
I thought it important to share this:


There must be a balance. Don't settle for mediocrity or wishy-washy feelings in place of passion and conviction... But keep in mind that the truth will set you free. You can be passionate without being hostile. I believe righteous anger and indignation have a rightful place, contrary to popular opinion... however, hostility stands in stark, ugly contrast to righteous anger in its malice and viciousness. Hostility always has bad effects.

My belief is that you should be so secure in your convictions that you are not threatened by someone who does not understand them. If its really true, it will be proven over time. There are always many theories; truths however have been tested. Don't be hostile when people test it. And don't shy away from it, either. Be always willing to give a reason for the hope that is in you.

Enjoy the goodness of lazy mornings, hot coffee, long walks, dressing up for Church and quiet afternoons with your families this weekend. I know I will!

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