The Pumpkin & The Ladybug

Oh, November. Hello. How the heck did you get here so fast?

I was driving out of my neighborhood yesterday to run to Mass for All Saints Day, when I noticed our sweet little playground had been swiftly, without warning, crashed by November. The cute vivid red tree at the front of the playground was bare naked, standing in the corner looking small and embarrassed.

The Anne of Green Gables in me took a moment of silence.

It's still lovely over in our park though. Will and I spent the Most Dreaded Part of the Day there yesterday (all mama's and nannies reading know exactly to what I am referring - but for the uninitiated, its that stretch after naps and before Daddy pulls into the driveway. These few hours are quite seriously twice as long as any other in the day. And when we don't have a Daddy to come rescue us with hugs and kisses on the evenings he has class, we have to be really creative!). Planning outings for this stretch is what works best for me right now... we go for a run then, or a long walk, or a leisurely trip to the library or the fancy grocery store to buy, like, one apple. Lol. Whatever makes the time fly.

My mom recently mentioned that the cold grey days were always the ones she really pushed herself to get her kids outside playing, cause it cheered everyone up and wore them out simultaneously. So we played all afternoon at the playground yesterday.

The post-nap-partum was successfully defeated! Your mama really does know everything, doesn't she?

And even though I know, I know it's obnoxious to add to the endless list of bloggers' tales of Halloween, I have to add a little blurb for posterity... I am the worst at keeping memories and photos organized! But if I blog about a thing, it's there for blessed eternity.

After I had blogged and run and cleaned on Halloween, I made a spontaneous decision to drive down and join my best friend's First Halloween with her sweet baby girl. Will and Clara, the Pumpkin and the Ladybug, had their first Trick or Treat and it was spectacular. Will would've preferred to figure out the Jack o' Lanterns on the porches than receive a handout, duh, but he lasted for a good five houses or so. Meanwhile, my best friend has the happiest angel of a baby who just likes to be apart of everything and lights up when you smile at her.

What power struggle.

... Blurring it up for all paparazzi...

... Cool kids came out; slightly intimidated and watching from afar...

... Doing like the cool kids did after they were safely gone...

... Posing like a pro.
Trick or Treat = winninggggg.

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