Waxing Poetic on Motherhood in Flu Season

Getting over an achey-icky cold this week and really hoping to be able to run again today. Three days of no running and my hamstrings literally start twitching.

I am loving the Peppermint tea I bought at Earthfare last week! Also Emergen-C has been quite helpful. I am a big believer in flooding a bad flu with good-for-you fluids... Water, juices, teas. Works like magic.

Way back when before I was a mama, I worried about how I would do caring for sick babes. I am a big whimp with all things bodily function.

What I couldn't have planned for or understood ahead of time, was the heart-melting delight of a busy-bee boy who suddenly wants to curl up on me again. I've missed feeling really "needed" ever since I packed away the last 3-6 month clothes in storage.

He came up on the bed yesterday morning when I was on the phone with my mother, bemoaning my own illness... I felt his warm little body curl up against mine, and he laid his sweet head on my shoulder. I rubbed his head while still talking to my mom, expecting him to hop up again at any minute and get back to business. Then I realized his breathing had changed. He was fast asleep.

Grace in the moment
is the loveliest, crazy-coolest surprise to me about my vocation to motherhood.

You can't know, you can't see ahead,
how you will handle the hard times.
But when they come,
bringing with them unexpected gifts and strengths renewed,
it sends little thrills of joy all through you. Like when you jump over a mountain waterfall into the dark pool beneath,
Feel the icy rocks hit your feet on the floor underwater, your eyes shut tight and nervous in the unknown,
And then go shooting up to the surface, gulping the fresh, reassuring air above you. It's an amazing feeling. I've done it. All over the Blue Ridge mountains during hot summer adventures.

And motherhood is like that for me. The moment before the plunge is terrifying, and I fully expect it will be before saying "yes" to each new baby, but once you're doing it, you're like, wow! I'm doing it! This is hard! And I am alive!

I don't think the thrilling joy in your very aliveness could come so strongly without the plunge into terrifyingly unknown territory
and all the tough, nerve-wracking moments
before you realize you got this.

Which reminds me that I need to go wipe up more snot from my tot. Joy. :)

Happy early Thanksgiving! I will not be blogging because I love my family too much, but I'll be tweeting and 'gramming the occasional picslip of food porn and people you don't know whom I love, mostly.