The Snowman

I am daily so overwhelmed by the joy of sharing Christmas with a child just now old enough to begin to understand the excitement of it all.

His daddy may have surprised us with picking up a nine foot tree in the midst of his crazy exam week.

Will adores it. He spent 20 minutes fluffing the branches (with surprising gentleness) while we hung the ornaments, James Taylor Christmas playing softly on Pandora. And every time he sees it in the morning, he stretches out his little fingers to it, like the kid in the Darth Vader/Volkswagen commercial and makes this crazy "Aghhhhh" sound.

This past week Will and I took a trip to Barnes & Nobles (as my youngest brother still refers to it) to buy The Snowman on DVD.


It seems that everyone has at least one movie that holds in it all the nostalgia of Christmas past for them... this little 20 minute wordless film is that for me - the Christmas of my childhood. (Also The Nutcracker since my parents were actors in a city ballet production when I was about five - they were the parents of the naughty boys who broke Clara's Nutcracker lol. I will never forget the excitement of the shows and dress rehearsals and ballerinas and my mother's gorgeous dark green ballgown costume. But I digress).
I'm pretty sure my love for piano that carried me through lessons from kindergarten to senior year,was born in hearing the haunting songs in this film.

Especially this one... Played by George Winston, whom I also grew up hearing year in and year out.

With memories like these, how could I not grow up thirsting for above all the beautiful life? :)

Will loved it. He especially squealed with delight when all the snowmen danced together underneath the Northern lights.

Cuddled with my almost-2-year-old in the corner of the couch upstairs, wrapped in a fuzzy blue blanket together, his handsome daddy sprawled on the rug, watching this movie together with him for the first time, my heart was so full.

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