My Week in Pictures

Good morning, from my iMac, with my personal assistant. He likes to insert himself in all my biznass. Which is fine w me!
Anndddd yet another week has gone by without a single good blogpost.
 I so want writing about and taking good pics of 
this happy season of my life to be a priority, even through pregnancy. 
This week was really great though... I am 12 weeks tomorrow, and I am starting to feel a gradual rise in energy and happiness. I was able to walk for an hour every day this week, getting some fresh air and (cold) sunshine with Will. Yeah, so, its still wimpy compared to the hours of running I put in before getting preggas... but after the last few months on the couch, I'll take it. ;)
This past week:
It rained. And rained. And really dampened my spirits for a good day or two (as more than one friend who had to be on the receiving end of hormonal rants can attest).

I caught up on Downton during nap times. Which did not disappoint. 

I am still pissed though whenever I think about how gipped we got with the Matthew and Mary wedding. It continues to bother me weeks after it happened. OMG. Did I blink and miss more of it than I thought?! (Why did we get more screen time w Lady Edith's dress and visage than w Lady Mary's?!!)

I ruined my huz's hair. 

How was I supposed to know how to handle sideburns, I ask you? The rest of the cut really is perfect. Just his poor sideburns. He thinks he looks like a redneck psycho. But thankfully I married a man completely devoid of vanity, so he's been content just making a lot of jokes at my expense and letting it grow out. 

I made an effort to shower every day, do my hair, and put on makeup. 
It made me feel alot better about myself.

Will fell in lovvvvve with Winnie the Pooh. Which is so special to my heart, since Pooh was my own childhood favorite. He's a keeper.

(I know I'm an awful mom for allowing my child to watch tv at all even a month before he turns 2. But its very time-limited and its not everyday.)

Finally, I put up a new post for the maternityshmernity series over at Life in Modification!

Camille is the best to collaborate with... girlfriend puts in so much effort and hard work into every project she tackles, truly. I am lucky to have her as a friend and to get to work on this series with her! 
Blogging, for Camille, is not about putting herself out there, or getting attention, or just doing whatever the heck she feels like. Its about carefully and intentionally creating a brand and providing a unique, cohesive service to her followers. I'm learning a lot about the business of blogging - and its so much more complex and important than you'd think. Especially if you've just gone at it with the whimsical, self-centered, slightly I'm-too-good-for-this-so-I-can't-try-too-hard attitude that I have. Hah.
Anyways, if you're curious about what my SERIOUS plans are for this maternityshmernity series, 
and if you are (understandably) skeptical that I have my shi* together enough to make it work, 
check out my post on LiM
Also, we are working on some outfit ideas and posts to come very soon - which is when the real fun begins!
Hope you all had a good week and are almost ready for a beautiful weekend!

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