Needing Some Sunshine & Inspiration

Ugh... its rainy and wet today. 
I just want Spring to be here so stinking badly. I have wanted it ever since January 2,
but it gets worse every day! 

This was yesterday, hanging out in my living room:

Each morning like this stirs up my Spring Fever even more. 
I need sunshine. Stat.

Despite the muckiness of the day, I am pretty excited because I get to go on a little date tonight with Jason. And not just any date... I get to go hang on his arm as his trophy wife for an evening with some of his MBA classmates and their professors. ;)

(And I mean "trophy wife" in a strictly non-Mad-Men sense, lol). 

It will be fun to get to meet the professors I've heard so much of in the past year. I've met most of the other students, but I was chasing Will around at the time, so that didn't count for much.

I had to work a surprisingly hard to get an appropriate outfit together because its business casual - and this is actually a really tough look to go for as a preggas. Many maternity looks are either super casual or too formal, you know? Its not easy to look "sharp". 
Which makes this a classic opportunity for a good maternityshmernity post! :) 

With the help of the Blanqi, I'm putting together a comfortable, chic outfit that won't make me stand out (other than my protruding belly) from everyone else. We will post it over on LiM Thursday morning. 

Speaking of protruding bellies, y'all will see next week that mine DEFINITELY is! It is just my luck that I've had to be preggas very closely along the same timeline as the Duchess. 
Did anyone else have no shame in ripping into the Us Magazine at the grocery store checkout to see this? Just me?


How cute and teeny is that bump?!! and at four months??

I maybe looked like that, oh, one month into pregnancy ;). 

I'm 16 weeks today myself. But if you can't be a washboard with a little petite ball the size of a lemon for your expanding uterus, I personally would rather look as pregnant as possible as quickly as possible. I feel much prettier when it is evident that I'm preggas than when I just have an "is she or isn't she?" fat roll. Am I alone in this? I find myself poking my bump out more and more and proudly accentuating it. The Blanqi definitely helps with the positively pregnant shape. 

I've decided my inspo for this pregnancy will be this bombshell:

all via

The curve-embracing dresses and tunics, the heels (the HEELS!), the loud and glamorous prints, and importantly, the dangly earrings with every outfit that just scream confidence.

Yeah, she's an actress playing a pregnant character, which requires her to confidently push that prosthetic bump out as far as it will go... but really, why not embrace the curves of pregnancy? Why not use it as an excuse to dress up even more? 

No more side-eying the sizes of other mama's bumps for me... I am going to wear this pregnancy loud and proud. 

Starting tonight ;). 

Hope you all have a beautiful weekend!

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