Snow in the South

I am a Southerner.
I say "Mr" and "Miss" to adults. A habit that is really tough to break even into my mid-twenties. 
I pause to say the equivalent of "Bless her heart", when launching into a juicy piece of gossip.
I could live solely in the preppy simplicity of J. Crew. [If I could afford it].
My favorite pair of shoes are my Jack Rogers'. Which I wear 8 months out of the year.
I give myself a heart attack speed-cleaning my house when company (including the refrigerator delivery guy) is coming over. 
And, when our annual snowfall occurs, I whip out my camera and take a million pics. 

Last year was the first in 12 years of living up in the Carolinas that we didn't get a single snowflake. And even though I was really getting into the Spring Spirit thanks to the last couple days of 60 degree sunshine, I was grateful Will got to experience his first snow.

My littlest brother, Joe, was here for the weekend, only adding to the excitement of the snow.
Will adores "Oh-ey".

For this small southern gentleman, our 2 inches were a huge hit.
There was a major meltdown when it was time to take our frostbitten fingers inside.

The visible snot trail cracks me up. He was a hot mess.
After we wrestled our hot mess into his crib for the night, Jason and I slipped out for a walk in our silent, snowbanked neighborhood while Joe kept an ear out for Will at home. 
When we came back, we all played Scrabble together in our cozy living room.

I'm not going to lie... I had a bad attitude about this delightful snowstorm at first. I was laying on the couch while our chicken roasted early Saturday evening, watching "Mona Lisa Smile" on the iPad on Netflix, and looked up to see the snow falling the hardest and fastest I'd ever seen it come down. And I grumbled. 

I have been so blissfully happy with our early Spring signs... the birds chirping in the morning, the sun staying out just a teensy bit longer in the evenings, the warmer weather, the less-dry skin... But after seeing my son go crazy with joy, I changed my tune and put up with it. It was so short-lived, after all.
And, our 24 hours of real winter ended up feeling like a little romantic escape from the craziness that is our MBA + baby-on-the-way filled life. 

At the very least, it will hopefully put a dent in the bug population. The size of the spiders and roaches palmetto bugs has been almost mythical, despite a regular bug-guy. As Jason and I walked through our flash-frozen neighborhood, I shivered in delight in imagining the hoards of huge bugs, falsely lured into early spring, being stone-cold-dead. Awesomeness.
I am now really happy that we can look forward to highs of 60 by the end of the week again... So ready for longer and brighter days!
p.s.: We find out the sex of the baby in 3 1/2 weeks! I am DYING to find out! We have two full names that have been ready and waiting for years now - one for a boy, one for a girl - each of which I love better than the other. To the point I feel actual anxiety of someone else in my circle of friends and acquaintances having a baby before me and happening to use one of them (they didn't use to be common names at all, but there seems to be a surge of popularity in what is called "granny-chic" names) and imagining I copied them! Lol. #iamnotneurotic 

But seriously... I've had these names in the vault for years (since before Will). I can't wait to know which one I'll be able to use!!!

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