Daylight Savings

I have been so bad about blogging... but the truth is, life is just too beautiful!

Daylight savings is one of my favorite things in the world... even after a night of staying up til 2:30 talking to my husband because both of our bodies were totally thrown off!

It is just the loveliest thing in the world to feel like I get him home with us for a portion of the day, not just right before bed. It got SO DARK these past winter nights... it was pitch black at 6 and my pregnant self felt tired and out of it and ready for bed by 8. Jason and I really felt like we had no quality time together between Monday and Friday.  

Now I'm hearing birds singing as I walk around the house, shutting the windows, at 7:45. While Jason gets to play around in the yard when he gets home to release some work-related stress. 

Even though the official First Day of Spring isn't until the 20th, I think its safe to say it's already hit Charlotte. The forecast for the next 10 days is 60s-70s, and lots of sunshine. So wonderful!

I feel so much better, keeping up with my little Tracy Anderson pregnancy workouts... eating fairly well, with the occasional homemade cheesecake. (OMG. To die.) And walking alot! 

Will wakes up from naps asking "Wee?! Weeeee?!" (His word for the slide at our playground). Since its been so pretty and its such a healthy happy pastime for both of us, I try to grant this wish every possible afternoon. Followed by a long walk in my neighborhood (which is showing signs at every corner of Spring - including the smell of freshly cut grass, daffodils popping up, new gardens, and lots of birds), this refreshes both of us.

The only problem is I have been so blissfully happy being outside,
or even just sitting by an open window,
that not only have I left blogging and writing by the wayside... I've also woefully neglected our mealtimes. Poor Jason - last night's dinner was a chicken salad sandwich I whipped up at 5. And the night before was leftover lentil soup. And the night before was - grilled cheese? 

Need to make a meal plan stat. 

Right after a long walk!

Happy spring!

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