Friday Announcements

It's naptime, I'm launching into super fun research for a new article I'm writing for ScoopCharlotte,
and I wanted to just share a few announcements with y'all.

This was so much fun to do with Camille. I spent the majority of my first pregnancy in black yoga pants and hoodies... and the difference in how I have felt this time around, dressing up all cute several times a week, is phenomenal. 

Next. One of my girl-crushes from college whom I adored from afar, but felt too loser-like in her supercool presence to make my move as a friend-wannabe, 
[And I can say all this because I already confessed it to her in our email friendship that has arisen over the past year. I have officially made it in the world. 
started a blog about her life as a JAG wife and a newly-fledged lawyer, 
where she is just her cool self, as always.
Theresa, without you I would never have found the life-enrichment that is Suri's Burn Book.
I am therefore so pleased you will continue to enrich the lives of others with your knowledge of all that is cool and hilarious. 
Consider this sharing of a The Brez Blog a Public Service Announcement causssse it is. 

Next. I am doing the Tracy Anderson Method Pregnancy workouts pretty much every day... and I am in love with how I feel! If you are pregnant or soon-to-be pregnant, I recommend you seriously consider this series! Worth it!

Next. Apparently Google is having more technical difficulties, I don't even know, but you won't be able to follow the blog through Google very shortly - the Google Reader/Google Friend Connect thing will not work anymore! BUT. DO NOT DESPAIR. I switched to following all my fav blogs via Bloglovin a few months ago, and I LOVE it. Its simple, clean, and so easy to figure out. (The opposite of Google Reader, basically). I would recommend joining (its FREE!) and of course, following my blog. (You can easily do so by clicking that cute little blue heart button over my profile pic in the top right corner of this blog). 

Finally. It is cold. Freaking cold. But it looks like Spring from inside the warm recesses of my cozy home. Its so weird. I think winter died and is now having a brief zombie apocalypse. 
I'm consoling/torturing myself with old beach pics of our yearly trips to Edisto Island - 
like this 80 degree deep South goodness (the back porch off my room):

Have a lovely weekend y'all!

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