Launch Parties and Launching Lifestyles

Its not every night a pregnant mama of a toddler gets to go out for a super fashionable Launch Party at Neiman's. 
But thanks to following this local marketing business after Camille started working for them, I was inviteddddd! 
I used this as my first excuse to bust out the incredible Isabella Oliver Ruched Tank dress that I am in love with... and my 5 inch platform heels as well. 
We will be putting up a whole post on the outfit over at LiM (I think it will be next Thursday that it goes up)... but for now here are a few shots I took of the event. If you follow me on Insta, sorry for some repeats!

Cusp is a new section in Neiman's that showcases some of the most contemporary, new-on-the-scene designers.  They are still high-fashion (and highhhhh priced!), stuff you would see on the Runways up in NYC. But they're not as established and huge as say, YSL or Chanel. 

Some of my favorite pieces were from Rachel Zoe and Alice + Olivia. 

They used a lot of Sam Edelman footwear, which was a delightful surprise to me. Its so edgy and cool, yet really reasonably priced when compared to Stuart Weitzman, Tory Burch, and other equally cool shoe designers. 

Four of the most well-respected personal stylists in Charlotte each did their own interpretation of several Spring trends, using only pieces from the new Cusp section of Neiman Marcus. 

My favorite trends were the studded gladiator sandals, the combo of pink and orange (which was, incidentally, what I wore to the event, totally on a whim. I felt super stylish when that Pink and Orange girl walked down the little runway ;).

There was also a black and blue lace and knit sweater that was TO DIE gorgeous. They paired it with black lace shorts for what they called a "date night" look. 

I wish you could see it better, ugh. 

Some of the styles were definitely over-the-top-only-Serena-van-der-Woodsen-would-wear-this-in-public-and-she's-not-even-a-real-person... but a few, like the black and blue, were definitely wearable. I really didn't expect that from a Runway show. 

Something that has been so important to me as a young mama, is preserving my sense of self amidst the toils and joys of motherhood. I didn't do everything I wanted to do before I settled down for babies... so rather than just give up on all the exciting things I still love in life, I choose to find room in my life for things like this... things that are glamorous and non-kid-related, and exciting to me as a woman, not as a mom. 

It inspires my writing, my attention to my appearance, and even my fitness. 

I totally respect women who do the opposite - it just wasn't how chips fell for me. I found my soulmate when I was 20, and I found to my joy that motherhood was so incredibly fulfilling for me, I didn't want to put it on hold after the first surprise baby... 

I am just grateful that I don't have this aimless desire for little things in my life like Neiman Marcus launch parties... I'm actually able to somehow get these awesome opportunities. 

This is my philosophy, and I told this to my little brother when he got this unexpected amazing sailing trip in the Virgin Islands after he decided he wanted a life of adventure and enlisted with the Marines. 

I believe when you make a bold decision for your life, when you don't just sit by and complain about what you wish you had, or lukewarmly settle for what you think is all you'll get... when you step out on a limb and do one thing, just one thing, that helps attain that - no matter how small it seems... then, the doors open. Life, or God, meets you more than halfway... you just have to take the first step. Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find sort of thing.

You have to launch the life that you want... 
it takes effort and self-knowledge, and discernment, and perseverance. 
But I believe with all my heart there is a whole world of opportunity out there if you just take
 that first step.

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