Quick Update

Whew. Taking a long, longgggg breath. 

And inhaling all the pollen that keeps floating in through the windows that I just can't bring myself to close,
 dusting-like-Cinderella to the contrary. 

I have woken up to a loud, loud chorus of birds outside our bedroom window every morning for the past week, and I feel so alive.
Life has been absolutely wonderfully crazy. I started this job writing for a local shopping and style site - its so much fun but is taking up alot of the time I used to use for blogging. However, it pays, soooo... ;)
I am daily grateful to be able to continue to pursue writing. Not sure when in my life or why I just decided, "I am a writer"... but I did, its done, that's that. I feel like I never know what exactly I will be writing about in my life... I just know I will always have this need to respond to experiences and struggle to express my thoughts on paper. 
This silly little exercise of blogging once/twice a week, has kept my writing abilities from getting too rusty. More importantly, it has kept me aware of my desire and ability to make time for real, difficult, gratifying writing.

I wanted to share this post that I had the honor of writing for Whitney Hetzel who does the blog 9 Kid Fitness. Whitney is one of the most inspiring mothers of my acquaintance... she has had, yes, 9 kids, the two eldest of whom are in the Naval Academy... 

she has the most cheerful, encouraging outlook on life, as I picked up on the coffee date I was able to have with her...
she takes care of her body - she is super fit!... their family life revolves around fitness - swimming, soccer, running, cycling... they spend their free time together getting fresh air and endorphins. One early summer evening, I saw the whole bunch of them riding on bikes and scooters together on the Greenway. It was like a loud, hectic, incredibly attractive and fun-looking circus. 

As a mother, Whitney is clearly doing something right. Her daughter Annie, is, at 15, the best babysitter I have yet to find. You'd think being in the middle of such a big family, babies would be passe. But I come back from my evenings/afternoons out, and Annie has a bunch of pictures to show me on her phone that she took of Will because he was "being so cute!"

Anyways, I shared my experience with fitness this pregnancy on Whitney's (very big) blog. Some of it is taken from the first post I did here on "The Pregnancy Project", but most of it is freshly written and includes how the workouts are helping, differences I have noticed, etc. 

Check it out!