Summertime Nostalgia

We turned the air on yesterday for the first time this year. It has always struck me as so crazy how nostalgic I get the first few days of this. Is it the smell of the air conditioning that brings back vivid memories of summers past? Either way, its bizarre! 
My last summer was truly beautiful.

Last summer I went to the beach a total of 3 times in a few months. It was glorious. Second best to getting to live there, a dream I still cherish.
Last summer I listened non-stop to Lana Del Rey as I ran 40-50 miles per week and worked at getting some grass in our yard with my husband, adjusted to his new schedule with his first semester in the MBA program, painted rooms evenings that he was gone, and first played with the idea of writing a novel (working on it currently during naptimes). 
This song was especially addicting:

(don't watch the video, its weird. lol). 

It was amazing to run to. It perfectly matched the hot pavement that I pounded on, the humidity in the air I breathed under tunnels of big trees in my neighborhood, the quiet shaded yards and the burning sun turning my skin brown. Lana del Rey's music is so full of imagery, its easy to get lost to while you're running. Perfect for long 10 milers :). 

Last summer I hit my stride not only as a runner, but more importantly as a mother. I felt healthy, balanced, more beautiful than I had ever felt before in my own skin, independent and just so blessed to have the life I have. 

I toted this dude through dressing rooms and restaurants and long runs and short weekend trips to see family and all manner of fun adventures. He was such a good sport, such a fun little buddy.

I discovered the world of blogs last summer. I had been blogging for a little while before this happened... before I realized there was this whole inter-connected world of amazing, inspiring, unique people sharing their thoughts and pictures of life and feedback with each other. I especially was so encouraged to discover the blog Early Mama. It is so encouraging to me as a young 20-something mother. I especially loved poring through these archives. Not everyone is given the opportunity to enjoy motherhood in their early twenties, but it has a whole set of unique challenges, and this blog was key in giving me a great deal of confidence and inspiration.

As I became confident in my own unique approach to motherhood, as I challenged myself with writing for editors, with dreaming bigger dreams, with the idea of taking on another little person, my summer flew by. 

This summer, though we just turned the air back on, already feels like its flying. There's enough on my plate to look ahead to in the next two months that I know I will be welcoming a baby in no time. I am cherishing each moment I have right now with my basketball of a belly, my moments just me and my sweet big boy, and the husband I am so immeasurably grateful to call my best friend. (Today is our 3rd Anniversary). So here's to soaking in every moment like I'm soaking in the sunshine! 

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