Small Things


This quote from Mother Teresa has been on my mind and in my heart so often lately, as I feel the third trimester really hit full throttle (I am almost 31 weeks). Rather than become too discouraged, I am trying to just focus on nurturing myself, my husband and my toddler in the small ways. 

my 30 week (and 5 days lol) belly!

wearing an old Ralph Lauren Polo button down that has been a staple in my summer closet for a good 4 years now, the white Blanqi, and my black Old Navy maternity shorts. 

I had a recent afternoon that was spent entirely on the couch. :\ Not super proud of it, but I was getting these painful stabs of round ligament pain in my right side, just above my hip. Ouch. On top of that, Baby Henry is a kicker. I was sort of hoping that, since I was broken in with a fiery-tempered, rowdy little first-born, maybeeeee I'd be graced with a gentle-natured, easy-going second son?... After the ruckus that has been goin' on in my womb the past few weeks, I'm not so sure. ;) It feels like he is running out of room and that is not okay with him. I have never before been woken up in the middle of the night simply by a baby moving... but it feels more like headbutts and full body lurches than kicks! Like a uterine earthquake.

I can't blame him though... I can barely breathe right now, we are both so cramped!

So, yeah, I have been getting some sofa time!

Will started asking for "a cool 'tory" on the hour. The perfect story for him involves a ride in a plane, ending up at the beach and going on a boat, and then driving around in a cool jeep. (I basically just described my honeymoon to the Virgin Islands, so I tell him detailed stories about when we'll go back there with him and Baby Henry soon). 

His daddy just recently took a business trip to Chicago and was sure to send back lots of pictures from the airport for our plane-obsessed son.

Being super preggas with a toddler while my huz was out of town was not so fun. But it wasn't the worst thing. I had one really rough afternoon/early evening with Will... it was only 6 o'clock, an hour til his bedtime, we had already eaten dinner, and he was driving me crazy. So I loaded him up with his Bah (Max, our lab) in the backseat and made up for my shortness to him with Cookies n' Cream.

(He was okay with that).

Jason laughs at me because I miss him so much when he's gone, I sleep in his undershirts because they smell like him. Lol.

I'm officially pathetic. And after 3 years still crazy in love with my husband!

But he's home! And we're actually about to embark on a mini (mini) 4 day babymoon to Charleston to see one of Jason's best friends be ordained a priest. We are staying with some lovely friends on Isle of Palms, and I am so excited to be in one of my favorite places with my favorite person. Though I will dearly miss my biggest 'tory fan every evening. [Talk about encouragement as a writer when your son has a sobbing wailing meltdown after you draw the line at 3 bedtime stories ;).]

I think, given the numbers disparity, I have a good number of blog readers who don't follow me on Instagram, but I still feel guilty recycling pics! :) However, this one is too cute not to save here... remember how my younger brother was moving in with us for the summer after he graduated college? Will is in heaven. I'm pretty delighted with the arrangement myself, as we live just a teensy bit too far for easy day trips to see family. And my brother Moses is hilarious.

It's all I can do to keep Will from banging down the door to Unca Bo's room first thing every early morning. My son is a man's man, and he likes to hang with the big guys. I'm also extremely proud of my brother who is already earning a sterling reputation for himself at Clear Channel (the nationwide Radio station syndicate owner where he works doing events and promotions). Of all of his (very smart) friends who graduated highschool with him, Moses is one of the only ones to graduate college in 4 years. I totally get that with the economy it is more and more common for people to take longer than 4 years to get their degree, but Moses decided he was going to make it; he didn't want the extra debt and he didn't want to waste time getting into the work force... graduating on time took a solid amount of determination on his part. And of all of his college friends, he was one of a lucky few to get even a part-time job right away - and apparently, the first of the Clear Channel interns from Belmont Abbey in the 5 years they've been doing the internship to ever be offered a job! I just have to brag on him a little, since Mo doesn't really do this enough for himself. He just does his thing and lets people go unaware of how hard he works.

He's also pretty good looking. ;) But I don't set my brothers up, sorry ladies. They are too stubborn for me to try lol.

To sum up all this rambling... I am so grateful for the small things in my life, and for this season of being forced to focus on the small things I can do... like stories on the sofa with my 2 year old, long chats evenings in the kitchen with my brother, and quick weekend getaways with my darling husband. And cookies and cream milkshakes. ;) 

Hope all y'all have a lovely rest of your week!

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