Spring Blues

Spring is hard on me. 
I love summer so much. I love the way I feel in my own skin...
 ...being outside all day
...the heat! (even in my third trimester last summer I didn't complain once about the heat. I'm so used it after living my whole life in the southeast I don't even notice it, honestly)
... being satisfied by eating salads and fresh fruit because
... all the best healthy foods being in season and tasting unbelievably good
... the long evenings, and having energy to actually enjoy them
... the green everywhere
... running around in a cheap little sundress and Jacks and no makeup and feeling more beautiful than any other time
... driving with the windows down
... I could go on and on.

Spring, on the other hand, is tantalizing for me. Especially this year. Yesterday, the weather app promised me the day would get up to 62 with sunshine. It was dank and cold and by 5 o'clock they changed this forecast to "Observed High: 49". 
I have been plowing through it, and I think I will make it. ;)
But I couldn't blog in this state. I couldn't do anything but bake (hello, muffin top)... die on Tumblr over gorgeous summer images (which I am, clearly, sharing with y'all now)... and deal with Henry teething. 
This gets me through:

And this...


And my 10K training plan. I have forced myself to run even in the yuckiness only because my injury-proof training plan (used it two years ago to superb results) starts out with the most frustrating intervals; my first nonstop run will be in 2 days (but who's counting!) after three ish weeks of starting this training plan... I am already building the perfect playlist and daydreaming about how glorious that first *real* run will be. 

*that is NOT me running. Shocker. I think that mayyyy be Kourtney Kardash. But whatevs. It captures the essence of running for me. When I am running shape. ;) *

Speaking of playlists, I bought Bey's new album a few weeks ago I COULDN'T CONTROL MYSELF... Talk about feeding the summer crave! OMG. Every song has me dying for hot sidewalks and long lazy afternoons. 

Its a seriously artistic and addictive album. As Shosh would say, "Like, a-MAZE."

Another new album I am totally addicted to (currently listening to on Spotify... waiting for the new month to justify buying it. But that WILL happen)...


The best is definitely "Coming of Age". Wow. It is so so so good. 

What has been keeping your chin up?
Oh! Also! happy first day of Spring!!

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