Scattered Morning

Good morning! 

This Tuesday morning, as Henry is napping and Will is drawing his first real picture (in that you can look at it and kind of see where he was going with it)...

"a picture about the rain with thunder and light-ming"
...and also finds me attempting to tear myself away from The Lizzie Bennet Diaries that I, shockingly, just discovered. I am surprised at how addicting little 3 minute vlogs can be, but I can't seem to stop clicking "Next Post"... 
Anyways. I did, however, manage enough productivity in the last couple weeks to come up with a Guest Post for new mama Erika at stethoscopes, style & grace... check it out! If not for me, for the opportunity to fall in love with Erika's adorable blog. 
Oh! And I must credit Stephanie for planting the idea in my head months and months ago to do this type of post. I guess it didn't take much for her to perceive my shoe-obsession, and the fact that I am a wholly disinterested [read: unsponsored and unknown] party makes my passionate recommendations possibly somewhat helpful.