In His Eyes

The most painful rebuke I have ever received was my 3 year old's desperate, angry yell: "Mommy! No more phone!"
Oh my conscience.
Its very difficult, even though I don't have Facebook, to remain firmly unattached to this small computer in my hand. I am a writer, and I work from home, so I have clients and my editor to reply to, articles to research, trends to keep up with... not only friends and family on Instagram. But nothing could've stabbed me as badly as the rightful anger of my 3 year old. And if I'm late responding to an email, or if I have extra articles to catch up on at night, I should be at peace with that. The world will not come crashing down.
This is my world:

So I started giving the phone to him. 
Seriously. Not to watch Netflix or play games; I showed him how to take pictures and videos, and the concept captured his imagination. It was open-ended play, and it kept him happy when he was tired of coloring and building with blocks.

I hadn't paid much attention to the pictures until my phone informed me I had no storage left (I got this phone 2 weeks ago). I realized Will had taken about 1000 pictures just walking around our home. It was funny and endearing to look through and see what catches his eye, what he is most fascinated with. I'm sharing the best of them. 

sipping milk.

a boy's best friend.

a significant look.

an abandoned sippy.

a golden opportunity.

nonplussed self-portrait.

marching through the grounds.

respectful underlings.


water for sustenance.

a new chariot.

an old friend.


 (by far, Henry is the most popular and interesting subject). 

laundry day. :[

to clean faces and phones



here she comes.

bathroom reflections.


These are mostly burry and barely understandable, but they show me the way he sees our home, the things he notices. The most mundane and downright messy objects in our house are intriguing and chaotically lovely in his lens. I love the unique way his little mind works, the things he finds beautiful and worthy of a picture. 
And I love that when he has my phone, there can be no pictures of me glued to it.

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