The Last Drops of Summer

I am annoyed with myself being that writer to open a piece by describing the weather, but, I'm cliche and I know it.

We have a lineup of some really hot days ahead, but the last few were the third in a gust of chillyish, breezy weather that has you side-eyeing those unworn sweaters you bought after last winter’s clearance, and instinctively sniffing about for a pumpkin flavored treat.

Cue everyone everywhere clamoring for autumn.

Its tempting. I feel the longing especially when I head out the door for a run these days, and want to puke from the humid heat wrapping itself around my throat. Vicious. 

And...  it will be exciting to wear skinny jeans again, and let my hair down, and light a fire in our fireplace, and go apple-picking, and indulge in a latte or 4 (per week).

But I can honestly say, I am soaking up these last drops of summer. I am determined to only because I know if I don't I will be furious with myself come mid-January. 

This has been a full summer.

Beach trips with family, random visits with old friends, last minute houseguests and laid-back dinner parties, a summer bible study, a fluent chatty 3 year old, a toddling 1 year old, a long relaxing break after Jason’s last summer mba semester EVER… a new position as co-editor at my job with [! I know, right! that is my excuse for not blogging ;) I may share more on what I do some other time though  :) ]… long sweaty runs and one time getting sick from heat exhaustion (it was  less exciting and dramatic than it sounds, which is why I think only Jason knew about it - teeth-chattering high fever that night and um, bowel issues for a few days. I don't recommend it).

I will not miss the 95 degree afternoons. I will not miss the mosquitoes in my backyard. I will not miss the snakes (I have seen 4 crossing my running trail, and 3 of them were copperheads). I am ready for the change in the air, and a new season to start. I think we need seasons, physically and spiritually.

But for these last few days of August, and the first warm weeks of September, I am making a daily list to remind myself of what I am grateful for, right now.

I have loved the ease of going out the door without having to put shoes and socks on everyone.

Or shirts. You know.

No one being sick! Or, very rarely.

Oooh being able to let my thick hair air dry without catching pneumonia! that is a good one.

The sound of cicadas.

Birds every morning.

Green canopies over the running trail and our yard and the streets we drive.

Salads tasting mouthwateringly satisfying.
The simplicity of summer meals.

Evening walks in the daylight after dinner. 

That last one is the thing I have loved the most. I will be so sorry to let go of the extra shining hours. Soon enough it will be cold and dark before dinner, and the evenings that Jason is in class will seem extra long because of night falling so fast. 

We walk after dinner nearly every evening now, pushing the boys' bedtime back a little because, really, these days have an end and its almost in sight. Will pushes barefoot Henry in the red car and Jason and I sometimes smuggle out a glass of wine or two. The sun takes obligingly long to set, always until after we get home. The time is peaceful and simple and relaxing. 
The season has been one of a solid balance between make-it-happen energy and the luxury of laziness. 

Summer, you have been good to us. 

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