Adventures in Fall

Happy weekend. I just got through a little 3 day stint of Jason traveling. It was nothing worth complaining about, except for now when I'm tired and I still miss Jason and he had to go off this morning to Queens to study. Almost to this finish line. But the week was actually a fun one; the boys were sweethearts... We had a few awesome playdates which didn't feel like playdates at all because I really really enjoyed every second with these mamas. Definitely worthy of being called Friend-dates. ;) 

 My brother is still living with us and obligingly watched the boys Wednesday night so I could still make my Mothers Of Toddlers group's monthly Moms Night Out... I have looked up to this sweet and unique bunch of mamas for 3 years now. This month was margaritas at La Paz in the Metropolitan near uptown.

We went on a few long walks and a couple [short] runs in our perfectly autumnal neighborhood. 

I couldn't resist taking pictures. Even of random neighbors' driveways. The light and the scenery made my heart leap. I listened to Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban on CD from the library while I made our dinners each night.

I took the boys to a little Halloween event at Morrison Shops (one of our clients at scoop) in SouthPark on Thursday night. I had had a really long day of it - starting with being in the car spilling my coffee on the leather seats at 6:50am so I could get the little guys to our sitter's house before my OB appointment. JUST a yearly checkup you guys, keep your hats on. After my checkup, we had just enough time to grab lunch before Biblestudy. THEN I drove us home and got the boys dressed in their costumes - puppy costumes Will had picked out months ago. 

*heart eyes*

I felt more than a little nuts doing this on a night I was a single parent, after the long day we had had. It turned out to be one of the best ideas I had all week. There were way way way more people than I had anticipated, but Will was the brightest-eyed little pup you ever did see. He was so obedient and adorable because he was so dang happy. 

Then there was this REAL choo-choo train that would take you for a little 5 minute ride around the shops. The line was SO LONG. I stood there for a second like, no, I can't. But in that second Will caught sight of the choo-choo and all bets were off. 

I stood in that line like the biggest pushover parent for FORTY-FIVE MINUTES. 

It was just long enough for Will to spontaneously say he loved me. No prompting. I started crying. (Found out a day later I can thank my big P for that one ;) ). 

Look at this little dance when we were finally at the front of the line waiting our turn:

The very nice train lady put us in the adorable little red caboose, and the even nicer fellow mom passenger offered to take this picture of us. 

I don't think I have a single picture that has captured such pure bliss on Will's face. 

He loved every split second. He was so excited that he was actually pretty quiet, as he leaned his head through his window letting out little squeaks of happiness, his eyes taking in every detail hungrily. 

The sun had just set as we walked back to our car. The air was cold, and the trees were lit like cozy fires in their oranges and reds by the warm street lamps. I felt a surge of gratitude for God giving us changing seasons. I am always taken aback by how ready I am for each new one... for the changing foliage; for the freshening of routines; for revisiting the old books that are like favorite friends, but that you can only read at particular times of year; for the inspiration to get rid of clutter - in my home and in the way I spend my time; and right now, for the way the dropping temperatures and waning daylight hours inspire us to both new adventures, and cozier days at home. 

I don't feel disloyal to my belief that I am a summer soul by the way my heart has been surging with this chilly, crunchy, auburn season. I think all of us were created to need both the glorious dying that is fall as well as the exhilarating newness of spring; the cold and the warmth; the harvesting and planting. The essence of a Bob Dylan song. Ha. But I love that God created 4 seasons. And I love living in a state where I can experience them.